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A letter To Coast Guard Recruiter

By Anthony P. Giger

I want to introduce Michael. I told him about my experiences in the U S Coast Guard aboard USS Uniontown PF-65. I was a 2nd Class Petty Officer (SM 2/c). He likes the sea so I recommended he apply for Quartermaster/Signalman School. I know as a signalman I spent a lot of time on the bridge taking orders from the Executive Officer Mr. Safford. Enjoying the rolling and colorful seas. The Northern Lights in Greenland. I told him about the 100 ship convoys we escorted to Algiers, North Africa. My duties on a tower in New Orleans giving berths to allied ships entering the port.  My knowledge of the Morse code and semaphore. Michael was quite impressed. Give him a chance to achieve his own glories.

Thank you and “Semper Paratus”.

Anthony P. Giger

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