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Chan Family Donations


Pedro Chan displayed one of the 300 plus World War II Chinese and American Artifacts that he and his wife, Pek Chan donated to the Chongqing Historical Sites Museum of the War Resistance Against Japan on August 29 in the Monterey Park Council Chambers.

Eugene Sun from the San Marino City Council was the Master of Ceremonies.


Monterey Park Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Wong and Councilmember Peter Chan welcomed the guests to this very special event in Chinese.  They gave a brief history of the Japanese invasion of China in the years before World War II was declared. They spoke of the Americans who volunteered and joined forces with the Chinese to protect their homeland. Mr. Chan stated in English “We can forgive but not forget”.


Congressmember Judy Chu thanked Pedro Chan for saving these artifacts from World War II and donating them to the historical museum in China. The Japanese were the aggressors during World War II. They caused many military members to join the Flying Tigers and fight against them. Her father fought in World War II.  She thanked all of the residents who built the Chinese-American War Memorial in front of City Hall.

Daisy Ma representing Assemblymember Ed Chau welcomed the delegation from Chongqing and thanked Pedro Chan for his donations to their museum.

Judy Chu and Daisy Ma presented certificates of appreciation to Pedro Chan and the delegation: YE Zimei, Ran Qiyi, Liu Wanhong, Zong Lizhe, Huang Yuxing and Qian Feng in the presence of Anthony Wong and Peter Chan.


Sue Zhang thanked Pedro Chan for the donations to the Chinese museum. She spoke about her childhood in China after the Japanese invasion in World War II. She remembered the cooperation of the United States of America and China who fought for their freedom.


Pedro Chan thanked Peter Chan for the use of the Council Chambers. He thanked his wife, Pek Chan for her support. He spoke about World War II when the USA and China fought together. He is donating Chinese and American artifacts to preserve that part of history for future generations.  He displayed and modeled many of the artifacts that included a jacket from a group that spoke five languages. They fought together to free China. The Chinese airmen were trained in Texas and Arizona and joined the Flying Tigers.  “We can forgive but not forget”.

Henry Lee spoke about living in China during World War II. He saw all of the atrocities and never forgot. He found a copy of the history of the Flying Tigers that he was donating to the museum. He thanked Pedro Chan for his generous donations.

Wing Tam donated a signed flag from the Japanese army that was presented to every military member by the government. The flag symbolized good luck.

James B. Wong donated two books “Jade Eagle” and “Silk Tiger” he wrote based on his experiences as a Flying Tiger. Volunteer Air Force members were called the American Volunteer Group before World War II. The 14th U S Army Air Force helped to win the war against Japan by bombing their supply line and preventing them from advancing into China.  They pushed the Japanese back into the ocean.


Vice Mayor YE Zimei with her translator thanked Pedro Chan for all of his 300 plus artifacts donated to their museum in China. This is a cultural exchange and cooperation between the USA and China. She invited everyone to visit the museum in Chongqing.




Pedro Chan and Pek Chan received two scrolls and a fan from the representatives of Chongqing.


Councilmembers Anthony Wong and Peter Chan were witnesses for Pedro Chan as he signed the donation papers with Vice Mayor YE Zimei.


Members of the delegation and committee members of the World War II Memorial joined with Pedro Chan, Councilmembers Anthony Wong and Peter Chan posed for pictures before they visited the memorial in front of City Hall.

Councilmember Eugene Sun thanked everyone for joining in this celebration and invited them to lunch at the Empress Harbor Restaurant in Monterey Park.

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