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By Mona Raskin

Summer officially began on June 20th.  Unfortunately, the weather was anything but balmy or summery!  Instead, it was very cool with a threat of rain!  The 21st, on the other hand, we were somewhat surprised to see a flicker of sunshine. As time went by, it became obvious that “Father’s Day” may just turn out to be warm and pleasant after all!

We spent “Father’s Day” with son Barry and his lovely wife Linda. We were invited out for dinner at a favorite restaurant in Costa Mesa. Following the cuisine, we managed to snap some photos inside, as well as, outside in front of a lovely water fountain.  All in all, it did turn out to be a very pleasant day!

The same week, we received a large package from our son, David in North Carolina. Inside the package was a large wicker basket filled with an assortment of nuts, candies, fruits, etc. t surely was a wonderful and fulfilling surprise.


The day also concluded special “Father’s Day” greetings from daughters Keri and Rachel. Rachel added another surprise!      Her son, Jonathan was on the way to pay us a visit. He was driving from his home in Vallejo to the southland with his three friends, Chez, Boomer and Frankie. Jonathan (our grandson) was now a High School Graduate.  This was to be his graduation vacation. On his way here, they made a stop at Magic Mountain. The next day, they stopped at Zuma Beach, Malibu, and Santa Monica Pier, where we met him and his friends. It was great seeing our handsome grandson all grown up. He mentioned he would be spending his summer enrolled in a police academy project, in the fall he would attend his studies at a nearby college. We had a great time enjoying our time together on the Santa Monica Pier. To us it not only brought back memories but we wondered at the new changes that have developed there. We saw new specialty shops,    beach ware, game booths, trapeze artists, rides, and the Carrousel!


Well, we are now officially entering July which means we are full swing into summer. On the 4th, Monterey Park was one of the few cities celebrating our nation’s holiday with fire works and a show. Event taking place at Barnes Park, Due to a poor economy, some cities were avoiding the extra expense at this time.

July 14th, Monterey Park will be partaking in another event…  It is a special run-off election for congress.  The competitors are Judy Chu, Christopher M. Agrella, and Betty Chu.

It maybe only July, but we still have a good portion of the summer ahead of us. You can be sure that the tropical heat will be forthcoming.  We can still prepare for it?  How about beginning with a cool summer haircut!

Bargain prices are still available at The Rosemead Beauty School. This year, instructor and now Director Miss Rose {Thai Ton” is celebrating her e5th year at this facility.  She began in 1983 under the former owner, Anthony Irone, She has continued on with new management {Wu Su}. Other long time instructors are Miss Ophelia, Miss Alma..  New instructor, Mr. Loa, The receptionists are Miss Tiffany and Miss Tasha.  Oh yes, good luck to student Mr. Van!

Well, since a new summer-outfit would also be the next item to think about.  Suzie’s Deals is the neighborhood clothing shop to look into. Lettie Campos, manager of Suzie’s Deals on Valley Blvd. in Alhambra will be happy to greet and assist you.

Another Suzie’s Deals (branch} store is located in nearby Monterey Park on Atlantic Blvd, Claudia Perez is manager there.   Whether you shop there or in Alhambra, you will be surprised to see the many new fashions you can choose from at very reasonable prices!!

If you’re truly looking for a happy and pleasant summer, be prepared to do so completely.  Just make sure it’s a safe one!!

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