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Friend of Youth Award Dinner


The LAMP Optimist Club honored Dave Barron for his 35 years of Service to the Youth Community on May 2 at the Empress Harbor Restaurant in Monterey Park. He received flowers from Peggy Shindo.


Dave Barron shared the honor with Mary Ellen his wife of 50 years. They are longtime residents of Monterey Park who raised their four children in the city. They are proud grandparents of 10 grandchildren.


Sam Luk and Alhambra School Boardmember Adele Andrade-Stadler were the Master and Mistress of Ceremonies. They welcomed everyone to this special event to honor their fellow member Dave Barron and the three Scholarship winners Lynn Lam, Sarah Ramirez and Berlin Tolentino. They introduced special guests that included Tommy Tseng from Congressmember Judy Chu’s office, former City Manager Chris Jeffers, Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Wong, Councilmembers Peter Chan and his wife Jenny Chan, Alhambra School Boardmember Bob Gin, City Manager Paul Talbot, City Clerk Vince Chang, City Treasurer Joseph Leon, Councilmember Jorge Marquez, Water Boardmember Thomas Wong, former Assemblymember Mike Eng, Deputy City Clerk Cindy Trang and City Librarian Norma Arvizu.

LAMP is the Los Angeles Monterey Park Optimist Club. It is part of an international non-profit club devoted to the development of youth to serve others in the world. It is a good community organization.


Jorge Marquez honored Dave Barron of his long time service to the community on behalf of Senator Ed Hernandez and Assemblymember Ed Chau. He recently retired after serving 25 years as the City Clerk of Monterey Park.

The guest enjoyed a delicious eight-course dinner and good conversation.

Scholarship winners Lynn Lam, Sarah Ramirez and Berlin Tolentino are all graduates of Mark Keppel High School. They each shared their college ambitions with the audience.  They posed for pictures with Dave Barron, Sam Luk, Adele Andrade-Stadler and their proud parents.


Tommy Tseng presented the students with proclamations from Congressmember Judy Chu.


Sam Luk said members of their club are honoring Dave Barron for his 25 years as our City Clerk who managed many elections. Monterey Park had the first multi-language ballots in Southern California. He also provided the city with its first electronic voting machine. Dave Barron retired from Southern California Edison and founded the Monterey Park & West Valley Journal newspaper. He has been involved with the Sports Clubs in the city for the benefit of the children.


Andres Nieto spoke about meeting Dave Barron as a member of the Sports Clubs when they organized baseball teams and softball teams. He joked that Dave decided to join the Parks and Recreation Department to improve the quality of life for their teams in the parks. They had to setup the fields for their teams. They watched over the games and the children. Dave is a close friend of his. Dave provided security for the children. He is proud of Dave Barron who is a great person in the community.


Dennis Gutierrez said that he met Dave Barron in 1997 along with Russ Paine and Paul Perez. They invited him to join the LAMP Optimist Club. He said that Dave asked him to the club’s president. The club is small like a family. Dave inspired the club. He is committed to his family and the club is part of his family. He serves the community. Dave Barron is his friend.



Dave Barron was honored by former City Manager Chris Jeffers, Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Wong, Councilmembers Peter Chan, City Manager Paul Talbot, City Clerk Vince Chang, City Treasurer Joseph Leon, former Assemblymember Mike Eng, Deputy City Clerk Cindy Trang and City Librarian Norma Arvizu.

Anthony Wong praised Dave Barron for his 25 years of service to the city and 35 years of service to the youth of the community.

Peter Chan called Dave Barron a man of integrity. Council received no favors from him. He recalled writing newspaper articles for Dave who always edited them but it was educational. Dave is a good mentor.

Vince Chang joked that Dave Barron is person who must be blamed for the position he is in today. He thanked Dave for his support and his support of the club. He is a great guy. Thanked him for his service. The office runs smoothly.

Joseph Leon met Dave Barron seven years ago. He has done a great service to the community. He thanked Dave Barron.

Paul Talbot said Monterey Park would miss Dave Barron at City Hall. He worked long hours for the city. He is a wonderful asset to our community.

Chris Jeffers stated Dave Barron worked at City Hall for 25 years. He is a community member. He volunteers for the youth. He thanked Dave for his service to Monterey Park.

Mike Eng called Dave Barron a man of reason at City Hall. He is fair to all. He is a wonderful volunteer in the community. He has rebuilt the community with LAMP Scholarships for the youth. He has made many contributions to the city.

Norma Arvizu said she met Dave Barron five years ago at the library. He advised her and helped her at the library and the city. She congratulated him.

Cindy Trang stated she worked for Dave Barron for 10 years. He gave her good advice. He helped her to achieve success.


Tommy Tseng presented Dave Barron with a proclamation from Congressmember Judy Chu to honor his service as the City Clerk for 25 years.


Sam and Helen Park honored their friends Dave and Mary Ellen Barron. They first met in 1976 at the Park’s store and have been longtime friends.


Dave Barron thanked everyone for coming. They are his old and new friends. He said the Parks’ offered them credit at the store in the early years. He paid them back on payday. He met Andy Nieto on the playing field. He recalled Bill Sanchez’s son was on their team. The team was named the Padres. La Loma Park is beautiful. He always advised his players to keep you eye on the ball. He remembered old memories like the team they played from Hawaii. He managed the team schedules and started a playoff service. It was an exciting time for the parents and the youth. He started a Pee Wee Basketball team. Basketball is his first love. He likes baseball too. Baseball is a game that is hard on the players. He enjoyed coaching the teams. It was great fun for the kids. He has memories of all of his teams. The softball team for the girls was very successful. He joined the Parks and Recreation Department to assist the kids with better playing fields. He spoke about being City Clerk and letting the people speak. He is proud of Cindy Trang and the staff. He introduced his wife Mary Ellen and their children. Life is a whole bunch of changes. He gave the audience a brief employment history but said his newspaper is a dream come true. He promoted the service clubs that everyone should join especially the LAMP Optimist Club.

Sam Luk thanked the sponsors and volunteers for this successful event.

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