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By Mona Raskin

On April 20th, I received a special phone call from my

son that he had just returned from his lecture tour throughout So.

Korea!  We were especially relieved to hear this due to the recent

war threats from No. Korea!

Although, Americans and So. Koreans were somewhat on

edge including ourselves, we were now told that the atmosphere in

So. Korea was very calm and peaceful, in spite of it all. The lecture

tours went well and the Korean people were especially friendly and

hospitable! In fact, one of the universities (pharmaceutical) Hanyang

University had a banner sign “welcoming Professor David Lawrence.

While, he was on the lecture tour, David managed to make

a very special stop at the 38th parallel area. It was the same place his

father had been during the Korean War! It was a very nice gesture!

Since April 29th was also the first opening of the 16th

Cherry Blossom Festival, we thought it would be a nice way to enjoy

this special occasion! In fact, we have attended this festival many

times before!


Our first stop was at the Information booth, where we were

given a program on the various events that were available to the public!

We continued to stroll through the area until we arrived at the exhibit



Here we checked out the assortment of handmade dolls, flower

arrangements, oil paintings! It was all very lovely except that one

special event was missing.  Origami is a craft that is usually a special

part of The Cherry Blossom Festival! Children, as well as grownups

enjoy this customary event!  I understand other crafts were not included

as well!

Oh well! Perhaps next time they may be in the program once again!




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