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Retirement Party


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David Lau and his wife Cici Lau celebrated his retirement from the Monterey Park City Council on March 22 at Ocean Star Restaurant. San Gabriel Valley Entrepreneur Lions Club sponsored the party that was attended by 420 guests.

Cici Lau, the Mistress of Ceremonies, welcomed all to this event. Enjoy the excellent food and wine. She thanked all of the sponsors for their support.  She introduced the many VIPs that included Judy Chu, Mike Eng, John Chiang, Ed Chau, Steven Sham, Polly Low, Stephen Lam, Mary Su, Thomas Wong, Chris Jeffers, Francisco Alonso, Paul Talbot, Vince Chang, Peter Chan, Hans Liang, Anthony Wong, Henry Lo and Janet Chin.


Former employees Chris Jeffers, Joyce May, Jones May joined with David Lau, Paul Talbot and Dave Barron for a trip down memory lane.


Congressmember Judy Chu, David Lau, Rosemead Councilmember Polly Low, Alhambra Councilmember Steven Sham and Walnut Councilmember Mary Su attended the party.


Monterey Park Councilmembers Peter Chan and Hans Liang celebrated David Lau’s retirement with Congressmember Judy Chu.


Walnut Councilmember Mary Su and her guests had a table close to the stage.


Judy Chu, Mike Eng, Ed Chau and Scott Warmuth congratulated David Lau.


Judy Chu presented David Lau a proclamation for his long time service to the community. After 20 years David Lau is retiring from public service.  He served the community so well that 420 people attended his retirement party. She called him her brother since they served together on the Garvey School Board and the Monterey Park City Council.  David Lau never lost an election. He served the students, the seniors and all of the residents. She thanked him for the dedication and commitment to the community.


Judy Chu, David Lau and Cici Lau with the San Gabriel Valley Entrepreneur Lions Club.

David Lau thanked his wife, Cici Lau for all of her help.


John Chiang stated he was honored to be here to celebrate with David Lau, who achieved the American dream with hard work.


Janet Chin representing State Senator Ed Hernandez and Assemblymember Ed Chau both thanked David Lau for all of his hard work and dedication.


Mike Eng called David Lau a friend who made a difference.


Steve Sham thanked David Lau for his service to the community.


Phillip Chen representing Supervisor Mike Antonovich thanked David Lau for his dedication and long time service to the residents.


Monterey Park Councilmembers Anthony Wong, Peter Chan and Hans Liang thanked David Lau for his dedication to Monterey Park residents. Mr. Wong worked with David Lau for the last six years on the City Council. David Lau works for everyone. He taught Anthony Wong about Monterey Park. Together they worked for the people of Monterey Park. Hans Liang was honored to be here for David Lau’s retirement. He stated that David Lau is a model for the new Council and thanked him for his guidance. Peter Chan thanked David Lau for campaigning for him. David Lau is a good statesman for Monterey Park and asked him to continue to guide our city. Paul Talbot, Chris Jeffers, Vince Chang, Dave Barron, Dan Costly, Jones Moy, Annie Yaung, Norma Arvizu and Linda Wilson each thanked David Lau personally for his dedication to the employees and residents of Monterey Park.


Polly Low called David Lau a friend and a role model. We will miss you in the community.


Members of the Chinese Minority Association presented David Lau with a white scarf and proclamation of appreciation of his dedication to the community.


Chester Chong presented David Lau with a proclamation from Sheriff Lee Baca and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for his service and dedication to the community.


Li Kum Lai, who rode his bike through 20 countries, joined David Lau’s retirement party.

Abraham Wei entertained the guests with his beautiful voice.


Libin and Shelei shared their musical talents at the party.


Monterey Park’s Second Princess Francine Ramirez thanked David Lau for his support of our community.


David Lau thanked everyone for supporting him. He is happy to be loved and supported by all of you. He plans to spend more time with his wife and children and travel around the world. He thanked the residents for the opportunity to service the community for over 20 years. He thanked his family and friends for their support. He thanked his wife, Cici Lau for her love and support. He thanked his children, Michael Lau and Michelle Lau for their love and support. He thanked all of the residents for their support. He is saying goodbye to this remarkable chapter of public service. We will meet in the community to improve our beautiful world. He stated he loves Monterey Park and asked God to bless Monterey Park, America and everyone.

The celebration continued with a Karaoke party.

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