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People Who Make a Difference Award


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Delario Robinson presented the People Who Make a Difference Award to Marian Hallin and Paul G. Perez during the recognition dinner held on March 28 at the Monterey Park Steakhouse. He stated the honorees are recognized by Monterey Park. This is your night to shine.


Dave Barron was the Master of Ceremonies. He welcomed everyone to this special event.  He asked for a moment for a silence prayer. This award is presented annually by the United Democratic Club of Monterey Park to one Monterey Park man and woman who have previously received little public recognition while making major community service contributions. The club members recognize these special residents each year. The award has been named “The Louise” in honor of Louise Davis, a former mayor and resident of Monterey Park. Mrs. Davis is a lifetime member of the club.

Delario Robinson, President of the United Democratic Club of Monterey Park, welcomed all to their club’s special event. We honor people who volunteer for the city without recognition. We honor a woman and a man each year for this award.

Mr. Barron introduced special guests that included Judy Chu, Mike Eng, Bob Gin, Adele Andrade-Stadler, Hans Liang, Peter Chan, Anthony Wong, Joseph Leon, Vince Chang, Henry Lo and Teresa Amador to the guests.

Mr. Barron thanked the Planning Committee: Gloria Guerrero, himself, Kathy Wills, Joan Merino, Delario Robinson and Rosemary Riedy and all of the club members for this special event.

Mr. Barron said that he would be using several of Yogi Berra’s quotations during the evening. He warned everyone that tonight is a family event and not a political event. Louise Davis could not attend this dinner tonight. She now lives near her daughter and her family in Corona.

Ninety guests enjoyed delicious food and conversation during the dinner.


Dolores Seidman introduced her friend, Marian Hallin to the audience. Marian Hallin is making history. She is a member of The American Association of University Women (AAUW) a group that advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. She has made things happen with the quiet confidence of a woman. Mrs. Hallin volunteered for her children’s activities, served her church and on the Library Board. She is a retired teacher dedicated to the education of young women. Ms. Seidman is please to honor Marian Hallin who makes a difference.


Mike Eng introduced his friend Paul Perez. He has a language of friendship and is well known in the city. Mr. Perez attended East Los Angeles Junior College, Cal State Los Angeles and UC Berkley. He is always there for his family. He keeps Monterey Park together.


Congressmember Judy Chu presented proclamations to Marian Hallin and Paul Perez. She thanked the United Democratic Club for honoring them. Mr. Perez has been an inspiration in her life. He is a member of LAMP Optimists. He volunteers for the Citizens’ Patrol and the library. She met Mrs. Hallin 25 years ago when she joined AAUW as a member. The organization helps provide educational opportunities for all women. They helped her get elected to the Monterey Park City Council. She has great admiration for Marian Hallin and Paul Perez.


Mike Eng presented Marian Hallin and Paul Perez with proclamations of appreciation.


Violet Reese a representative of Assemblymember Ed Chu presented proclamations and words of praise to Marian Hallin and Paul Perez.


Monterey Park City Councilmembers Anthony Wong, Hans Liang and Peter Chan and City Clerk Vince Chang presented proclamations and praise to Marian Hallin and Paul Perez. Mr. Wong congratulated them for receiving this award for being outstanding volunteers in the community. We appreciate your dedicated service to the community. Mr. Liang called Paul Perez a warm-hearted person who is dedicated to the community. He said his first meeting with Marian Hallin was a pleasant experience. She distributes books to the Children’s Court for the children to enjoy. They both are great models for young people to make a difference. Mr. Chan agreed that Marian Hallin and Paul Perez are a good choice for this award. He said that Mr. Perez spoke to him in Chinese. He joked that Mr. Perez is the lawn sign man for the city elections. He served with Mrs. Hallin on the Library Board. Mr. Chang said he just met Marian Hallin tonight. He thanked her for her service to the community especially the library. He stated that Paul Perez has his heart in the right place. The LAMP Optimists support the youth. He thanked him for his service to the community.


Alhambra School Boardmembers Bob Gin and Adele Andrade-Stadler presented proclamations to Marian Hallin and Paul Perez. 18,000 students thank them for their community service. Mrs. Andrade-Stadler said she was honored to work with Mr. Perez. He does everything 100%. She thanked him for his volunteer hours. Mr. Gin said he met Mrs. Hallin at a PTA meeting. She was a teacher and role model for him to become a good PTA parent. She inspired him and now he inspires the PTA parents. He thanked her for her dedication to the students.

Barbara Rush from the Monterey Park Women’s Club said she was pleased to be here to honor Marian Hallin. She met her 10 yeas ago. Marian Hallin has a special quality. She gets thing done. She makes a difference. Her admiration of Mrs. Hallin has turned to friendship. She is special to all of us. The club did an exceptional job in selecting these two people who make a difference.

Marian Hallin stated this is an overwhelming honor. She thanked Jack, her husband of 50 years, her family and friends for their support. She joined AAUW 30 years ago. She is a member of the Women’s Club, the Library Foundation and the Eastside Optimist Club. She is honored to be recognized by all of the people here. She hopes to always make a difference. She thanked everyone.

Paul Perez thanked all of the guests and the members of the United Democratic Club. He was surprised to be honored. He introduced his family and thanked his wife, Alicia, his children and his family for their support. He joked about dropping the “o” from his given name of Paulo to become Paul. He thanked everyone for being here tonight. He receives a lot of joy doing community service. He puts back into the community. He thanked everyone.

Mr. Barron listed the names of the previous winners of The Award: Agnes Arakawa, Yukio Kawaratani, Linda Wilson, Andy Nieto, Jr., Gloria Guerrero, Charles Carter, Marcia Spira, William Wheeler, Maureen Sur, Frank Ulloa, Victoria Chavez, Vincent Chang, Nancy Arcuri, T. C. Chung, Cindy Hu, Herbert Motonaga, Lillian Bow, Lucia Su, Larry Odono, D.D.S., Jasmine Sunda and Pedro Chan, Ph.D. These names are posted on special banners that are located in the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library. He thanked everyone for attending this special occasion.

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