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Spring Gala

Guess Who Came to Dinner?


Judy Chu, Vice Chair of the State Board of Equalization presented a Proclamation of Appreciation to Peter Chan, President of the Monterey Park Library Foundation on May 29 during the Annual Spring Gala held at the Ocean Star Restaurant.

Dan Golden, Interim City Librarian and Lianne Wong were the Masters of Ceremony. They welcomed everyone to this special event to raise additional funds for our city library. They appreciate everyone being here tonight.

Peter Chan introduced Pedro Chan and Wei Wong, the co-producers of the Look-Alike show. He stressed that the Library Foundation’s number one job is to raise money for the library. Everyone is enjoying the new library. He requested funds for the library. They need your support. Please donate. He thanked the guests for coming tonight.

Mr. Chan introduced Judy Chu as the Vice Chair of the State Board of Equalization and after the July election as our new Congressperson. She will do a good job for all of us. He also introduced Alhambra School Boardmember Adele Andrade-Stadler, Monterey Vista School Principal Hing Chow, Rosemead Councilmember Polly Low, former Mayors Betty Couch and Francisco Alonso and Police Chief Jones Moy.

Ms. Chu said the Monterey Park Library is the best in the world. Our old library was so over crowded with students during the afternoons that people could not find a place to sit down. Our Library Bond just passed by 19 votes at the final count. So it goes to show that every vote does count. We have a magnificent state-of-the-art library. She thanked the Foundation for their support.

Mr. Golden stated that the library is still busy. The patrons vote with their feet every day. They appreciate whatever you can do. He reminded the guests that raffle tickets are being sold to raise additional funds.

“Outpost of Wonder”, an outdoor mural done by Richard Mendoza will grace the library building in the near future.

Ms. Wong thanked all the donors for their generosity.

Mr. Golden introduced the contest judges: Adele Andrade-Stadler, Robert Bergeron, Hing Chow and Peter Kwong. He also introduced the library staff, members of the Library Foundation, Board of Trustees and Friends of the Library.

After a delicious multi-course dinner it was time for the entertainment. Pedro Chan announced to the guests that the prizes for the best Look-Alike contestants would be $1,000 for first place, $250 for second place and $100 for third place.

Mr. Golden thanked Pedro Chan and Peter Chan for planning this event. Libraries are a great return on your investment in education. Our library features multi-media programs that include Internet access, book clubs, reading for children, English and Citizenship classes and computer classes for all ages.

Ms. Wong reminded everyone to be sure to purchase his or her raffle tickets for some fantastic prizes.

Pedro Chan introduced the contestants to the audience and the judges.


Armando Kay was the first Elvis of the evening. He dressed in red and treated the guests to several famous songs. He spoke with the down home twang of the King.


Toni Perrine paraded on stage dressed in Marilyn Monroe’s famous white dress. She told some stories about her love life and later sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” and “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”.


Renarto Spicer danced on stage as Michael Jackson. He wowed the guests with his famous moves especially the “moon dance”.


Steve Murphy was our second Elvis of the evening. He dressed in white and crooned to the young gals. He sang another selection of Elvis tunes.


David Chen with his friend Mr. Clark performed a magic act. The guests watched in amazement as scarves, flowers and a rabbit magically appeared from Mr. Clark.


Bryan Au performed Jackie Chan’s classic Martial Art moves to a musical beat. He amused the guests as he fought with an unknown assailant.


George Thomas was our third Elvis of the evening. He was a younger version of the King. He sang additional Elvis tunes. He also danced with a lovely young woman he picked from the audience. on the stage.


Jason Jiang dressed as Kung Fu Panda. He balanced on a unicycle and added the front of the bike as part of his act. He was a cartoon character that came to life to the delight of the children in the audience.


Mr. Alex (Alfonso Vega) brought back memories to many old timers as Charlie Chaplin. He performed the famous rope trick complete with the facial expressions made famous in the silent picture shows.


Nicolai Foong was our Chinese Elvis. He joked that he would be singing in Cantonese and Mandarin. He sang a few words and decided to sing some of the King’s tunes in English.


Assemblymember Mike Eng presented a Proclamation of Appreciation to Peter Chan.


He also acknowledged the judges.


Finally it was time for the final curtain call as all the contestants took the stage waiting for the judges’ decisions.

Mike Eng with the help of Pedro Chan and Peter Chan announced the winners: Michael Jackson won First Place; the Chinese Elvis won Second Place and the Young Elvis won Third Place.

The audience was ready for the raffle drawing as several lucky people won t gifts that included a lap top computer, the grand prize.

Peter Chan thanked everyone for his or her participation.

It was a wonderful Spring Gala that raised funds for the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library.

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