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Tree Memorial


Nancy Gilmore, Anthony Wong, Joan Merino, Kathryn Foster, David Lau, Paul Willner, Peter Chan, Julia Parker, Phil Smith and Kin Fung proudly display the honor presented to Ruth and Irv Willner in front of the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library on June 19.


The beautiful Paloverde tree, sometimes call a green tree, with a plaque of honor is located in the library’s garden.

Dan Costly, Director of the Recreation and Community Services, welcomed all to this special event. He introduced the Selection Committee: Edward Brogan, Jim Iwaki, Susanna Cheung, Daisy Ma and Ulysses Ramirez.

The tree is to honor people who dedicated themselves to doing community work.

Library Boardmember Peter Chan thanked the Council and Committee for honoring Irv and Ruth Willner. Ruth was active in the library and helped with the funding for the new building. Irv worked on the political issues. They mentored him. We are honoring them for their support.  They set an example for all of us. He thanked everyone for coming to this event.

Mayor David Lau stated that the Tree Memorial is a token of appreciation from Monterey Park for Ruth and Irv to honor them for their commitments to the community. They were community leaders, activists, parents and grandparents. They provided leadership to the community. We miss them. They made a difference in the community. We should do our best and follow their examples. They are our guiding lights, Mr. and Mrs. Monterey Park.

Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing said it was an honor to be here to honor Irv and Ruth Willner. He spoke about meeting them regarding the highly controversial card club issue. He thanked the family members for their parents being part of our community. He stated the Willners were the tree with branches and blossoms being their family and friends. They took a stand and made their voices loud and clear.

Councilmember Anthony Wong agreed it was a great honor to have this tree dedicated to Ruth and Irv Willner.  Ruth always spoke to him regarding the Council meetings. She dedicated herself to the library and the community. She spoke up and was not afraid for the betterment of Monterey Park. She spoke up for all of the residents of Monterey Park. We miss Ruth and Irv Willner.

City Clerk Dave Barron advised everyone that Ruth was a member of LAMP Optimists and was generous. She was optimistic about the city. He thanked the family for giving us their parents.

Paul Willner, their son, thanked all for their love and support of his parents. He and his sister, Julia Parker, were behind them and supported them. He thanked everyone on behalf of their family. His parents inspired young people to carry on for them. He thanked the Council for this honor.

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