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Happy Birthday Monterey Park!


Andrew Fung and his brother, David Fung, Grand Marshals of Monterey Park’s Play Days Parade share the fun with Miss Monterey Park Princesses Danielle Carlson and Tierra Oliver.

The Fung Brothers are very popular on You Tube.  They have created songs that feature the many restaurants in Monterey Park and the San Gabriel Valley.

The city celebrated its 96th Birthday with a four-day carnival on May 17 to May 20 and held the famous parade on May 19.


Honorary Grand Marshal Paul Perez shares his honor with his nine-year-old grandson, Nathan Perez and his wife Alicia Diaz Perez.

Mr. Perez, a long time resident and volunteer, has held several seats on city commissions over the years.


Vincent Chang, a member of the Play Days Commission, was the Master of Ceremonies at the reception held at City Hall.  He welcomed everyone to this special party and introduced the guests of honor that included David Fung, Andrew Fung, Paul Perez, Senator Ed Hernandez, Councilmembers David Lau, Mitch Ing, and Teresa Real Sebastian, City Clerk Dave Barron.

Mayor Lau welcomed all to the city’s 96th birthday with the Play Days Parade. He is happy to celebrate this birthday with everyone. He thanked all of the volunteers and sponsors. We have a community of committed volunteers.  He thanked the Women’s Club for serving breakfast to the guests. He thanked the Play Days Committee and the staff for this wonderful event.  We are a unique city that has worked to clean up the downtown area and are environmentally friendly. The residents are our greatest resources.

Mr. Perez said to enjoy the parade.

Mayor Pro Tem Ing welcomed all to the city. This is our 96th birthday. He is working on raising $150,000 to have a float in the Rose Parade as part of the city’s 100th birthday in 2016.

He spoke about the Fung Brothers who are advertising Monterey Park on You Tube.

Councilmember Real Sebastian said she is walking in the parade. Enjoy Play Days.

City Clerk Barron said the city was incorporated in 1916 to keep Alhambra and South Pasadena from creating a sewer farm in the downtown area.  It is a great city. Be here in 2016.

Senator Hernandez thanked everyone e inviting him today to honor the city.

The Fung Brothers thanked everyone for this honor. They wanted to inspire the community.


Vincent Chang thanked all for coming. Let’s start the parade. He will be riding his trusty bike down Garvey Avenue.



Dragon dancers and Lion dancers led the parade for good luck.


Mayor David Lau and his wife, Cici Lau waved to the residents. They always participate in the Play Days parades as well as other city events.  David Lau has served the community as a member of the Garvey School Board.  Cici Lau serves the community at the library. She has brought several plays to our city.


Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing shared the honors with his wife, Gloria Ing and their children Chantal and Derek Ing.  Mr. Ing will be come the Mayor of Monterey Park on June 27.


Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian with her husband Armen Sebastian walked the parade route with members of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer group.  They held a walk to raise funds on June 10 in Monterey Park.


Senator Hernandez enjoyed the parade as he greeted the residents of Monterey Park.


The Fung Brothers greeted their fans as they played their music and took pictures of the viewers.   Their pictures may show up on the You Tube for all to see.


City Clerk Barron walked down the street with Sippo the Clown Princess and two of their friends.  Mr. Barron, a long time resident, has been the city clerk for more than 20 years. He also publishes The Journal, another local newspaper for Monterey Park and the West San Gabriel Valley. Sippo has carried on the family tradition started by her grandfather, Zippo the Clown. They are fixtures in the Play Days Parade.


The Perez family enjoyed the famous parade.  They waved to all of the watchers along Garvey Avenue.




The famous Wells Fargo Stage Coach was joined with performing horses who pranced and danced down Garvey inter woven with the school bands and marchers.

Mark Keppel High School, San Gabriel High School, Muscatel Middle School and Montebello High Schools bands were joined by other schools to strut their stuff for points to win the gold awards presented at the end of the parade.

There were drill teams, color guards, Girl Scouts, Kung Fu Club members, Sports Club members and dance teams that entertained the audience along Garvey Avenue to the delight of their families and friends.


Miss Monterey Park Tracey Vien and her court shared the car with members of the Monterey Park Chamber and some of the candidates for Miss Monterey Park 2012-13.  They all excitedly waved to the crowd.


Police Sgt. Brent Archibald and Police Sgt. Scott Weise enjoyed patrolling the parade route.

The Plays Day Parade had 89 entries this year.  Each entry performed for the judges to earn points for their school.


Sherry’s Gotta Dance won the Drill Team Award.


Montebello High School won the Musical Award.

Yan Liang Kung Fu Center won the Mayor’s Award.

The carnival featured rides, games and food for all to enjoy.


Sparky, the firedog welcomed everyone to their open house held on the day of the parade.

Residents had a chance to check out their hometown fire department and all of the equipment.

The firefighters and explorers provided educational information along with badges, hats, pencils, crayons and coloring books.

It was a wonderful party that was enjoyed by all.

See you next year at Monterey Park’s Annual Birthday party.

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