Electronically Serving Monterey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel, & Rosemead


By Mona Raskin


Throughout the month of May, several strange events took place! On May 5th, 2012, we heard that due to the moon’s direct closeness to our planet earth, the moon would appear larger and brighter that evening! We managed not only to catch a glimpse of this unusual occurrence, but we were able to snap a photo, as well!


Lo and behold, on May 20th, 2012, we experienced still another phenomenon, this time it was a partial eclipse of the sun and the moon! Although, the public was warned not to stare at this event, we did manage to capture one more photo!

When one of these spectacular events occur, people would often wonder, if it all could be a warning or a message from heaven that the next event or episode, might be a huge earthquake or major fire storm, etc.

Should anything like this occurs, we should make sure our firefighters would be nearby and that the response time should be within a few minutes! (3-5min.) Since, we the residents of Monterey Park financially invested in training our firefighters, their firehouse and equipment, I do believe, therefore, that when they took an oath to abide by the rules to be physically able to assist and care for the community, then they should do just that and be there for the city who hired them.

A special tribute for our veterans and our present fighting men who serve our country bravely and with honor!

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