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Ranch Style Gathering

By Mona Raskin

After following a week of fighting colds, we finally found the strength and energy to drive up to a family/friends gathering in Ojai.

It turned out to be a perfect and pleasant afternoon. In fact the sunshine along with a slight breeze was just what we needed to nurse us back to our normal selves!


Upon arrival, we met the ranch manager, Jeff, he shook our hands with a warm welcome and mentioned his wife Jay would be there in awhile. She handled the horses.

We then walked over to where the horses were kept and we managed to take a few photo shots. We later had shots taken of the nearby cattle that were enclosed in there own pen.


Family members began to arrive, our host’s daughters, Valerie and her family, other daughter Jacky and son in law, Jay with their baby, son, next daughter to arrive, was Dori and her family of three, son two daughters! Eventually, the youngsters rode the ponies and Jacky rode a horse, as well!  Actually, it looked so easy, that, I was sorry that I didn’t do the same!


A huge table complete with an assortment of refreshments. several salads, snacks, deserts and drinks were available for the guests.  Nearby, a barbecue was providing hotdogs and hamburgers and even vegi burgers.  The afternoon was winding up to be a lovely and wonderful day!  Unfortunately, since we had a long drive home, we were unable to remain for the Easter egg roll! We heard later that the older children managed to collect the most!

In spite of it all, we want to thank our hostess, Donna and our host, Cole for the special invite. It truly was a delightful and enjoyable event. Thanks again for including us!

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