Electronically Serving Monterey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel, & Rosemead


By Mona Raskin


On the 24th of December 2011, we attended a holiday dinner at home of Donna and Cole in Ventura. Cal.

When we arrived, Donna and her cousin Regina were busy working in the kitchen. Cole’s daughter Valerie and her two daughter’s Casidy and Stella arrived next. (Jason their father came later). Cole’s other daughter, Jackie and her spouse, Jay and their adorable son Jazon followed.

The remaining guest list was as follows:  My son in-law, Mark Bedol, his wife, my daughter, Keri Bedol and their three children, Jessica, Adam and Laura Bedol. Mark’s Aunt Marilyn!

Other guests slowly began to arrive, Donna’s cousin Nellie and her spouse Chris Ruben (son of former, famous movie star of the 30’s and 40’s Virginia Bruce) and their daughter, Mary.

Later friends, Yvone Yu and spouse, Jeff and his wife, Jay, Mary Pat O’Connor, friend of Regina!

Following a lovely dinner, gift presentation for all the guests was next!

At one point, there was some confusion as some of the items were not labeled and since they were a pile, there was a brief intermission as they were sorted out!

In spite of the above incident, it was truly a Xmas to remember!!

It was also a fond farewell to 2011.

We now find ourselves looking forward to a promising New Year, 2012. We sincerely hope it will be a prosperous and a happy one, with a focus on a strong improvement on our weak economy and our environment, as well!

On January 4th, 2012, Monterey Park’s city council had their first meeting in the New Year.

To my surprise, many residents of our city spoke passionately regarding the problem of incoming tour buses to our city! They contend they are illegally parking in areas throughout our city and are creating undo stress and disrepair on the roads!

Unfortunately, Monterey Park, the city of 14 parks was once considered a quiet bedroom suburb away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Los Angeles appears to be undergoing a transformation. There have been changes in our environment as well! We are a small city and while there is a need for additional revenue! It is not clear it is for the improvement or repair!

This past summer, Edison sub-station went along with the Tehachapi project and built additional towers on existing towers, which now includes all sorts of electrical lines, the large black cable lines!

Has anyone stopped to consider if an earthquake should occur and electrical poles and the towers collapse. Our own Fire Department couldn’t be able to handle a disaster like that!

It is time we tackle these serious problems and our city council should be putting these issues number one on the list, and not whether to allow outsiders to take over and tear our roads apart!

We the people should have their demands heard and not allow the desires of a few dictate and exploit our city’s treasures instead of improving the welfare of our once beautiful city!

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