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Letter to the Editor

Let’s see—- Unless you are from another planet, you know the economy is tanking. But, lo and behold, Rosemead Mayor John Tran is taking money hand over fist from developers who want to build 4-5-6-7 story condo/retail places in Rosemead. Maybe he hasn’t bothered to notice that the existing ones are still empty.

Maybe he hasn’t bothered to notice that the City of Rosemead is paying City Attorney Bonifacio Garcia hundreds of thousands of dollars to sleep through Rosemead City Council meetings.

And, last but not least, at the Dec. 16th Rosemead City Council meeting, John Tran, John Nunez and Polly Low voted 3-2 to change the City Municipal Code to allow slaughter- houses in Rosemead. We could end up having as many slaughterhouses in Rosemead as Temple City has bridal shops.

Sharon Esquivel, Rosemead

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  1. As an individual who just recently got my license, I wonder how such a strict, antiquated test could still be used today. I feel as if they determine a lot on the parallel parking alone. They should take where the driver lives in consideration before they’re so hard on you.
    I live in the country, and I failed my test twice because of parallel parking. I will most likely never parallel park again, so why do they fail you as soon as you fail that portion of the test? I think they should take you on the driving portion before the parallel parking portion because in my opinion, the driving portion is more important than the parking portion.
    The thing that makes me most angry is that they fail you right away if you can’t parallel park, but if you make a minor mistake in the driving portion they will possibly pass you. Considering driving is much more dangerous than parking, I completely disagree with their judgment on this. I just think the driving instructors should take a lot more into consideration before being so tough on the new driver.

    Bethany DeLuca

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