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Local Students attend Youth Environmental Conference

Local students left from Monterey Park American Legion Post 397 on May 14th headed for Sacramento, Sly Park and Lake Tahoe, to attend the Youth Environmental Conference from May 15th through May 17th. Sponsored by San Gabriel Post 442 and Charles P Rowe Post 30 of The American Legion, were Sylvia Quach and Lean Luong (Gabrielino High) and Elena Trang and Kristi Tea (Rosemead High).

The purpose of the program, sponsored by The American Legion in conjunction with the United States Forest Service, is to sharpen the students’ awareness of the interdependence of man and his surroundings and involves the students in the land-use decision-making process. Counseled by instructors from universities and college throughout the State, professionals from federal and state forestry agencies and private industry, students are instructed in all phases of forestry, conservation and environmental activities and land management. Subjects of instruction include watershed and timber management, lumbering, entomology, wildlife management, fire detection and control, fire fighting, flood and erosion control reforestation, geology, natural history, recreation area development and management, ecology and environmental changes. Career guidance is given in these and allied fields, including degree requirements and employment opportunities with a scholarship offered annually to a qualified student after completing one year of college and continuing in a related field.

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