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Father Tony Diaz from the San Gabriel Mission displayed his many pictures of hummingbirds and butterflies on October 23.


Father Tony stated that he takes the pictures of the hummingbirds in the mission gardens. He has set up some artificial flowers with hummingbird food in the center. You need to use bright colors to attract the birds. Hummingbirds usually lay two eggs in a nest. He has a photo that shows the size of the eggs is smaller than a penny.


Father Tony has added butterflies to his picture collection. He visits butterfly exhibits where you can walk into a netted area and watch them in action.  He enjoys taking pictures of these beautiful creatures.


Father Tony also displayed some pictures taken from a religious mural on a wall under the L train in Chicago.

Father Tony Diaz’s pictures are for sale at the San Gabriel Mission Gift Shop located at 428 S. Mission Drive in San Gabriel, CA. For more information to view and purchase these beautiful pictures please call the gift shop at 626-457-3035.

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