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Monterey Park’s New Police Chief


City Clerk Dave Barron swore Police Chief Jim Smith into office on November 1 in the City Hall Council Chambers.

City Manager Paul Talbot welcomed all to this very special event. This is a great testament to our new police chief.  There was standing room only as Chief Smith’s family, friends, fellow police officers, elected officials and residents packed the room.

The Monterey Park Police Department Explorers presented the colors and Captain Gene Harris led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Police Chaplain Richard Chuman asked God’s blessing on Police Chief Jim Smith and to grant him compassion. He also asked God to bless his family, friends and residents of the city.

Mr. Talbot provided the audience with a biography of Jim Smith who was raised in nearby Rosemead. He joined the Monterey Park Police Explorers at the age of 15 and attended Mark Keppel High School. He was a reserve office for eight years and has been a full time police officer for the last 27 years. He climbed up in the ranks. He has served as an interim police chief since 2009. He earned his AA at Mount Sac, his BS at Cal State LA and his Masters at La Verne. He also attended the FBI Academy for special classes and belongs to numerous local organizations.


Chief Jim Smith with his proud family. Cordell Smith, his 15-year-old son and Margie Smith, his wife of 17 years. They pinned on his badge.

Mayor David Lau congratulated Chief Smith. He is greatly respected by his officers. He works with the community and is very professional. The community respects him. Monterey Park is one of the safest cities in the state and one of the best places to live, work and play.

Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing said he has the utmost confidence in Jim Smith. You are a product of our community. He played baseball and sang in the Aztec choir. You will have a long tenure. You are a community member to safeguard our community.

Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian stated Jim Smith is a good leader and someone who people respect. He is knowledgeable and has inner strength. Monterey Park is extremely lucky and blessed. The city is safe under his leadership. She congratulated him.

Councilmember Anthony Wong congratulated Police Chief Jim Smith. He leads the best police department in Monterey Park. All of the Lions presidents agree that he is the best hüpfburg leader for Monterey Park. You proved to all of us that you are a great leader. You work with all of the city’s departments.  You work together for the welfare of the residents. You will make the city a better place for all of us.

Councilmember Betty Tom Chu said Monterey Park is one of the safest cities to live in. In 2009 she asked Jim Smith to be the police chief. He did not accept the job until 2011. She is very thankful for him for accepting the job. She congratulated him. You are the finest. We are so proud.


Chief Jim Smith thanked everyone for being here tonight. Monterey Park Police Department has been here for him most of his life. The men and women of the department are going to continue to make this city a safe place. He is grateful to lead this great organization.  He thanked God. He thanked the Council for their faith in him.  He thanked Paul Talbot for his support and friendship. He thanked his department family for their hard work and dedication to the city. He thanked his staff, department heads and the fire department. He thanked Chris Jeffers, Dan McIntyre, Jones Moy, Dan Cross, Jon Elder, Mitizi Collins and well as other police officers who helped him on his climb up the ladder. He thanked them for their support. He also thanked the community and service clubs for their support.  He thanked the Garvey and Alhambra School Districts for his education.  He thanked all of the other police chiefs for their support. He thanked his family for the love and support. He said he owes his parents a lot. He thanked them and called them the best parents. He thanked his wife and children for their love and support. You don’t do things by yourself. He thanked everyone for their support.  This is an honor.

Mr. Talbot thanked all for coming. This is a great day for the community. He invited them to enjoy the reception in the lobby.


Chief Jim Smith received congratulations from Chamber Boardmembers William Wheeler, Virginia Greene, Stephen Lam and Richard Gorman.


Senior Assemblymember Samuel Song Park congratulated Chief Jim Smith.

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