Electronically Serving Monterey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel, & Rosemead


BY Mona Raskin

October 5th. 2011 we found ourselves observing Monterey Park’s city council scheduled meeting. Our new mayor David Lau began the meeting with a call to order, which included the four other council members declaring their presence! Following the flag presentation, a representative from the Edison Company, Marissa Castro-Salvati presented a special resolution on this 125th anniversary of the Edison Company for completing the Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project (TRIP) on time with satisfactory results. This item was complete with a frame which could be hung somewhere in City Hall!

I am sorry to say the above project has not met with a favorable result by the Monterey Park community! The extra towers that were added on the existing towers have created a grotesque unpleasant sight!! If that wasn’t enough, additional electrical wires have not only scarred the beauty of our city, but have truly endangered our environment, as well! This project can truly be traced back to Edison for allowing their desire to expand their electrical plans to proceed, without stopping first to consider the possible health problems and safety of the surrounding community! Obviously, they themselves do not reside in this area or they wouldn’t be so eager to comply with their hideous, depressing and grotesque monstrosity they built! Well, it may be great for Halloween, but not for anything else!

PS Congrats: To our new Chief of police, Jimmy Smith! Chief Smith is an alumnus of Mark Keppel High School!

Congrats: to Jonathan Ma for his recent achievement into the Law profession! He will intern with the Monterey Park city council! Alumnus of Mark Keppel H.S.

Congrats: my son, Dr. David S. Lawrence (chemistry Professor) has recently been granted an honorary, endowed chair at North Carolina, university! Keppel alumnus also!

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