Electronically Serving Monterey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel, & Rosemead


By Mona Raskin

In the wee morning hours of Saturday, August 13, 2011, local residents were suddenly awakened by the thunderous roar of helicopters circling over their rooftops!


That same day, while out shopping , we couldn’t help but notice some strange looking creatures wearing work clothes and helmets lifting what appeared to be silver swords (cranes) towards nearby towers! ! We also, noticed some towers were taller than others, as though, one tower was built on top of the other. Trucks, tiny orange cones were scattered along several roads, Arroyo, Potrero Grande, Atlas and Saturn! It all appeared like a weird Martian invasion!


Later that afternoon, a neighbor informed me that this entire operation (Tehachapi Project) was beginning that day! This project was to start in Monterey Park in August 2011 and continue in Rosemead and Pasadena until February, 2012! Our neighborhood was supposed to be notified regarding this particular operation. Apparently, some of us were overlooked! We were supposed to be advised that residents were to remain indoors and that construction may be toxic to some and that face masks might be necessary!

In any event, it is obvious, Edison has been rather busy and so the public may have been overlooked! Regardless, they continue with their ventures over the past few years and besides electricity, telephone lines, etc. We the public have to contend with more projects that steal our view of our California blue skies!

An example of their continuous ventures, just a few years ago, cell phone installations were added to the already crowded electronic field! I can recall that many Monterey Park residents were in an uproar over this venture. Since then, however, many now own cell phones and so the issue was not pursued.

Soon then the digital concept was now another factor to look into. The public was told it would be an improvement to our television system! They were advised, however, that it would be a good idea to purchase a converter to assist your old TV… If it was not enough and in many cases it was not. A no signal was often flashed on the screen! The public could either purchase a new platinum TV or they could purchase cable service! All the above has resulted in additional expenses for the average consumer!

We have now been told that the new Tehachapi project will bring an improvement to our current electrical system! At this present point, we should stop and analyze this concept! Who will this truly benefit the people or the corporations who stand to profit from all the additional construction of more unsightly electrical lines that now encompass our cities into one huge metallic spider web!

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