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By Anthony P. Giger

“Twin Towers”

There was a loud explosion fire and

Mayhem everywhere

People scurried in every direction

Their bodies shaking many scared

The Towers shook structures straining

Causing further terror in their souls

Towards the exits surge the victims

Smoke and fire chasing them assisting

Death in its final toll

The Towers collapsed with a thunderous

Roar filling the air with silent screams

Ending the hopes of many destroying

Their fondest dreams

The air was filled with sadness

Hearts broken wracked with tears

Evil was amongst us with unknown

Forces adding to our fears

“Moments of Time”

Moments of time are so important

We embrace them but they slip away

It’s difficult to be certain as moments

Become another day

Life speeds on becoming thoughts to


When the end in near time pulls the


Death become an eternity and

Time a forgotten memory

Anthony Giger submitted these poems and other poems and short stories that will be published in the future issues.

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