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By Mona Raskin


On July 17th, France celebrated their nation’s “Independence Day”! The people of France were more than eager to tackle the road for a just and free society similar to a very young new country “America”!

This new nation had successfully revolted from England’s authority!

When the king of France (Louis xv1) dismissed his very popular Minister of France Jacques Necker, a rumor spread throughout the streets of Paris of a coming counter attack by the king’s army to destabilize the newly proclaimed parliamentarians!

A group of craftsmen and salesmen decided to fight back to the above situation. They knew that a pile of powder was stored in the Bastille (a prison), so they decided to attack it! Although, there was an attempt to negotiate, the prison was a symbol of the king’s absolute and arbitrary power and so they continued to revolt! That night, 800 men began to destroy the Bastille! On July 14, 1789,”Victory” was declared and now the city belonged to the poor people of Paris!

Since then July 14th is celebrated throughout France! It is also celebrated in the United States! Mimis Café (French style restaurants) are located throughout California and happily join in the celebration with a special treat for their patrons! One of their specialties is their variety of delicious muffins, the newest additions is the delectable chocolate mousse muffins! I had the fortunate opportunity to participate in this special occasion with our guests from North Carolina, grandsons Nathan, Josh and their mother Heidi Lawrence. We dined at the Laguna Nigel Mimis Café! Whether we dine at Mimis Café in Downey, Arcadia, Irvine, Long Beach, Whittier or Oceanside, etc, we have always found their service and cuisine outstanding! This occasion was especially great!




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