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By Mona Raskin


On our nation’s 235th birthday celebration, we attended the event at the home of friend’s Donna and Cole at their lovely home in Ventura, California!

A huge holiday parade was their special event. We tried our best to catch it on time!  However, due to the large turnout along with bumper-to-bumper parking it became a problem for any new comers!




Eventually, we were able to join family and friends at their nearby home! Donna and Cole were very cordial/ they introduced us to some young friends, Adelina and Elena Fernandez who were in the parade! We also met Estreya and Daniel, as well!  We also got a glimpse of Valerie (Cole‘s daughter and son in law, Jason and their daughters Cassidy and Stella and their little friend Julianna!) They had been at the parade and went to the nearby beach afterwards. Before long, my daughter Keri and spouse Mark and their lovely daughter Laura arrived!

While our evening meal was being attended to, Keri, Mark, Laura and I strolled down to the nearby faire! As we entered, we couldn’t help but notice some young girls dancing the hula!!  As we walked on, we saw many aufblasbare wasserrutschen booths filled with an assortment of other items, as paintings, clothing, jewelry, political stuff, etc.

When we began to tire from our stroll and the heat, we returned to Donna and Cole’s home. Where a lovely July 4th meal was awaiting us! Joining us were friends of Cole and Donna, Jeff and his wife, Jay!  We all enjoyed their delicious array of food from vegetables, salad, fruits and barbecue steak, corn and fish! Cheese cake and strawberry short cake followed, delicious dessert

Many, many thanks to our host and hostess for their fantastic and unbelievable hospitality

Oh! YES! We managed to catch fireworks on our freeway drive home!!

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