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Cinco De Mayo


Victoria Chavez  modeled the Money Hat, worth $150 that some lucky person won during Monterey Park’s celebration in Barnes Park on May 1.


Members of Mariachi Jalisco opened the festival with several Mexican folk songs to the delight of the crowd.


Mayor Betty Tom Chu, Mayor Pro Tem David Lau, Councilmembers Mitch Ing, Teresa Real Sebastian and Anthony Wong welcomed Roberto Lujan Gutierrez, Mexican Council General and his wife to this special event.

This is the city’s 29th year celebrating the Battle of Puebla with the sights, sounds and food of Mexico.  Cinco De Mayo celebrates the victory of a small group of Mexican volunteer soldiers, under the leadership of Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza, who led the battle against the French soldiers sent by Louis Napoleon to conquer Mexico.  Their victory began the beginning of the end of the French occupancy of Mexico.

Mr. Gutierrez stated the Council General of Mexico sent his best regards. He spoke in both Spanish and English. He said this is the 149th anniversary of the Battle of Puebla. The French invaded Mexico to keep the USA from growing with the help of conservative Mexicans. The U.S. / Mexico history is intertwined. Now we fight the war against drugs. We will succeed.

Mrs. Chu welcomed all to Monterey Park. She is excited the Council General makes his home in our city. She spoke of the friendship between the USA and Mexico. This battle is very meaningful as 4,000 Mexican volunteers defeated 8,000 French soldiers. We must work together to help both economies prosper. She thanked the residents for their support.

Mr. Lau welcomed all to this celebration. America is a country of immigrants. Monterey Park is a city of immigrants and diversity. We are working together as one. We live in harmony. This event introduces the beauty and culture of Mexico.  He wished every one a happy and safe Cinco De Mayo. He asked God’s blessings on all.

Mr. Ing welcomed all to the Barnes Park Amphitheater. We celebrate the Mexican culture in our city. You and your ancestors came here to enjoy all the freedoms of America.   The Battle of Puebla took place at the same time as our civil war.  The Southern states did not receive financial support from France because of this battle. The North won the war.  He thanked all for coming. Enjoy the program.

Ms. Real Sebastian welcomed all in Spanish and English to our celebration.  Some of her family members are from Mexico. She was taught to be proud of her culture. The Council wants to hear from all of you. We can enjoy and respect each other’s cultures.

Mr. Wong said he was born in Macao and raised with the Mexican culture. He thanked the residents for sharing their culture. We will work together all of us.

California Senior Senator Sam Park welcomed all to the event.


Members of Ballet Folklorico Esperanza released white doves of peace before performing several folk dances from various Mexican states.






Teresa Real Sebastian and her husband, Armen Sebastian danced to the beat of ELAC Latin Jazz Ensemble.


Uniqua and friend enjoyed the celebration.  Uniqua appears on the animated musical-adventure series the Backyardigans on Charter Communications NICK Jr.


MaryTrini Garcia presented the Chamber of Commerce raffle prize to Mercedes Sevantos.  She was one of several lucky winners at this party.

The afternoon was filled with the sights, sounds and delicious food of Mexico.

Viva la Fiesta!

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