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Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library Held an Unveiling Ceremony for Stained-Glass Windows on May 16


Kristin Olivarez, City Librarian  welcome all of the residents and guests to this very special event. She thanked the City Council and the Library Board for locating these stained-glass windows that were removed from the old library and found in 1965 stored at the City Yard.

She thanked Larry Sullivan and Diana Garcia for checking out the windows to see if they could be installed in our new library building.

She thanked James Kurilich, grandson of Mancha Bruggemeyer for donating these stained-glass windows to our library.

She thanked Shawn Igoe, Ziad Mazboudi and Anthony Bendezu from the City’s Public Works Department for overseeing the installing the windows at the library.

She thanked Mohamed Al Mallah, Pedro Pizano and Anibal Lopez from US Builder and Consultants for installing the windows in the library.

She thanked Krystal Hammer the Architect for her assistant on the project.

She thanked Raul Aleman from JD’s Stained-Glass for his assistance on this project.

The Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library invited residents to celebrate the unveiling of newly installed stained-glass windows from the original 1929 Bruggemeyer Memorial Library. The unveiling ceremony was held on Thursday, May 16 in the library’s lobby.

Monterey Park’s first library building opened its doors in 1929 at 256 W. Garvey Avenue, where St. Stephen Martyr Catholic Church is now located. The library was a gift from Judge and former Monterey Park City Councilmember Mancha Bruggemeyer in memory of his first wife Roberta Pauline Bruggemeyer.

The stained-glass windows were created prior to World War I and were originally installed at the Redlands home of Mancha Bruggemeyer. In 1929, when the Bruggemeyer Memorial Library was opened, these windows were installed in a room dedicated to Mancha Bruggemeyer’s late wife, Roberta Pauline. Visit the Library’s website to learn more about the history of the stained-glass windows.


Mayor Thomas Wong said he was ready to see the windows. He thanked the staff for this special event.


Mayor Pro Tem Vinh Ngo thanked the Library Board  and Friends of the Library for requesting these windows to be donated to our library. He thanked James Kurilich for his donation of these stained-glass windows to our library.


Councilmember Yvonne Yiu thanked Larry Sullivan and Diana Garcia for this special event. She also thanked the staff for their assistance on this special project.


Councilmember Henry Lo thanked the staff. We have Pride in the Past.  These windows will share our past with future generations who visit our library.


James Kurilich, grandson of Mancha Bruggemeyer thanked all of the guests. His mother installed his love of reading. The windows will be passed on to future generations to enjoy.



The stained-glass windows were displayed to the guests to enjoyed.


Roberta Pauline Bruggemeyer’s pictures hangs in the Local History Room.

The Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library is the City’s public library located at 318 South Ramona Avenue, Monterey Park, CA 91754. For more information about Library events and services, please visit www.montereypark.ca.gov/library.

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