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By Mona Raskin

A few weeks ago, I received a phone survey regarding the welfare of our city.  In fact… four other surveys followed. Concerning our city as well

Question #1   how would you evaluate how your city is run?

Would you say it’s good, somewhat good or poor?

Answer; upon observing our city council over the last few years, I honestly replied, somewhat poorly! I added that there has been way too much personal rhetoric and not enough on city business!

Question #2    What is your opinion on the proposed measure BB, which concerns an open bid on our Trash pick up service?

Answer I personally believe it is a waste of time and money to even consider it at this time, as our current pick up service, Athens has a contract with or city until 2017. Second, our city is experiencing a financial slump and we should not consider spending what reserve we have foolishly!

March 8th we will have the opportunity to vote on the above measure and we should not allow any outside influence steer us the wrong way!

I am looking forward, however to choosing a new city council that adheres to our city’s needs and not to their personal problems and glory

February 2nd council meeting wound up with the same hostile and nasty remarks! It is time to put a halt to this obnoxious behavior! I always thought the council seat should be an honorable one and not promote vicious slander

Well we now have the chance to choose some candidates that will do just that, so be sure to get out there and consider voting no on the BB measure and sincerely trying to choose worthy candidates for our future city council!

City Survey

Gung Hay Fat Choy. We enjoyed taking a stroll through the Luna festival on Saturday, Managed to take a photo at a photo stop!

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