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Monterey Park Candidates Endorsed by The Citizen’s Voice


Anthony Wong is one of our current Monterey Park Councilmembers who has dedicated himself to improving our local economy. As long time resident and business owner in the city he realizes that every restaurant and shop needs to produce sales tax dollars to help pay for city services. He is working with city staff and other Councilmembers to revive our downtown-shopping district. He is working with staff and travel agencies to increase our tourism, as Monterey Park is a world famous city. He is working to bring in more economic development and jobs into our hometown.  Mr. Wong, a Lion, has served on the Garvey School District, the Planning Commission, the Business Improvement Advisory Committee, the Economic Development Advisory Committee and the Chamber of Commerce Board. He is always ready to help the residents and business owners in Monterey Park. He supports our city employees and is working with them to find a reasonable solution to our budget problems. Mr. Wong is ready to serve the residents of Monterey Park for four more years.


Bob Gin is a longtime resident of Monterey Park. He currently serves on the Alhambra School Board where he has dedicated himself to improving student test scores, recruit and retain the best teachers, encourage parent involvement and built new school facilities while maintaining a balanced budget. He has volunteered or served on the boards of the Alhambra Educational Foundation, Boy’s & Girl’s Club Tobacco Free Day, the H1N1 flu clinic at Barnes Park, Tag-Away Graffiti Day, Los Angeles Lotus Festival Advisory Board and the San Gabriel Valley Lodge of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance. Mr. Gin will bring this experience to the Monterey Park City Council. He pledges to balance the city budget, not to cut any city services, not to raise new taxes, safeguard the welfare of the senior citizens, increase police protection and keep our fire department at home. Mr. Gin is ready to serve the residents of Monterey Park.


Hans Liang is a nine year resident of Monterey Park and serves on the Monterey Park Recreation and Parks Commission.  He is a Deputy Probation Office with the Los Angeles County Probation office since 1998. His on the job experiences has given him the unique opportunity to work with many diverse groups, organizations and departments in the community. He has direct experience with law enforcement that has given him the insight needed to maintain and improve public safety is the community. Mr. Liang, an Eagle Scout, pledges to do his best to improve our city and to build and nurture the relationships necessary to maintain and improve the quality of life for our residents as well as for those who work hard for our city. Mr. Liang is ready to serve the residents of Monterey Park.

Voters now are your change to improve our life in Monterey Park by voting for Anthony Wong, Bob Gin and Hans Liang. These candidates are the best for our hometown.

Vote NO on Measure BB, as it will not improve our quality of life in Monterey Park.  This is a feel good measure promoted by Councilmember Frank Venti as his last attempt to leave his mark upon our city. Measure BB will not change anything in the current Athens contract. The current Athens contract states that in 2017 when it expires the trash hauler/waste management contacts must go out to open bid.  Measure BB states the same thing that the future trash hauler/waste management contracts must go out to bid.

Measure BB has a price tag of $5,000 to $10,000 of your hard-earned tax dollars and will bind the hands of future Councilmembers deciding the future trash hauler/waste management contracts four our hometown.  Say NO to Measure BB and Frank Venti.

Please vote on Election Day, March 8. Your one vote does make a difference to our hometown and our future in the United States of America.


  1. For Monterey Park residents who are interested in more political and financial transparency & accountability, visit “The Venti Voice” at http://theventivoice.com.

    The following is a recent post by Councilman Venti:

    Greetings Citizens of Monterey Park!

    I’ve spent 12 years serving the City of Monterey Park, as the next election approaches I hope to help put my experience at your disposal to help our city reach its potential.

    While many of your prepare to cast absentee ballots, I urge you to consider the following options:

    * Vote YES on Measure BB

    A YES vote creates a law requiring open bids from trash haulers for city contracts, ensuring that residents get the most for their money at a lot less cost.

    * Luis Estrada for City Council (www.estradampk.com)

    * Teresa Sebastian for City Council (http://teresa2011.com/)

    Thank you for your time and I appreciate your input.

  2. Great to see that the citizens of Monterey Park voted to pass Measure BB by a very wide margin. All of the Athens-sponsored rhetoric just could not stand up to common sense.

    Best of luck to Teresa Real Sebastian. She will bring the political and financial transparency & accountability to City Hall to ensure that ALL of the citizens of Monterey Park fairly represented.

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