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Happy 108th Birthday to Monterey Park Play Days Carnival and Cinco de Mayo

The event was celebrated from May 9 to May 12 in Barnes Park.



Alfredo Ortiz played a Spanish Harp that was originally played in 15th and 16th Century  in Spain.

He played many Spanish and Mexican songs to the enjoyment of the crowd.

Mr. Ortiz was born in Cuba and is now a US citizen enjoying our American dream.

He put on poncho that was made in Paraguay to the delight crowd.

Mr. Ortiz performance began the annual Cinco de Mayo event held at Barnes Park.


Members of Mariachi Orgullo Jalisenance posed for a group picture  before they played several Spanish and Mexican songs to the excited crowd.

Mr. Antonio Navarro can be located at 323-493-0621 for any interested people who would like them to perform at their special events.


Jose Ortez welcomed the crowd to Monterey Park to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the City’s 108th Birthday Party. He introduced the elected officials to the guests.


Mayor Pro Tem Vinh Ngo welcomed the guests to our city’s 108th Birthday Celebration. He welcomed the guests to our Cinco de Mayo celebration. Today we have the Farmers’ Market, Food Trucks, Information Booths, a Beer and Wine Garden,  live entertainment, Game Booths and Carnival rides for everyone to enjoy.  We will also honor the Asian Americans, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month.

He thanked City Manager Inez Alvarez, Robert Aguirre and our city staff for this wonderful event.


Councilmember Henry Lo wished all the mothers a very “Happy Mother’s Day” both in Mexico and the USA. He wished Monterey Park a very “Happy Birthday” and a “Happy Cinco de Mayo” to everyone.

Our Fire Station #61 is 100-year-old this year.  Please join us for Fire Service Day on May 18 for a delicious Pancake Breakfast from 8am to 2pm. The  young children will be playing at being our future firefighters to the delight of their parents and grandparents.


Councilmember Jose Sanchez welcomed the guests in both Spanish and English. He wished all of the mothers “Happy Mother’s Day”, “Happy Birthday Monterey Park” and “Happy Cinco de Mayo” to the guests.


Jose Garcia entertained the crowd  by singing Spanish and Mexican songs as part of the celebration.


Louis Toscano entertained the crowd by singing Spanish and Mexican songs as part of the celebration.


Louis Toscano  and Jose Garcia entertained the crowd  by singing Spanish and Mexican songs as part of the celebration.


Angie joined in the celebration by singing with the band. The crowd clapped for her after her performance.


The “Merry Go Round” was one of the best rides at the Carnival since children of all ages can enjoy the ride.


The “Vertigo” ride has guests spinning around over the park. It was a sight to see in the early evening sky.


The “Jumping Jumbos” had little children enjoying the up and down ride.


The “Ferris Wheel” is one of the oldest Carnival rides for everyone to enjoy.

The four-day celebration was enjoyed by residents, their family members and their guests.

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