Electronically Serving Monterey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel, & Rosemead


By Mona Raskin

Ever since Thanksgiving, we found ourselves experiencing a rather premature winter freeze.  It suddenly brought visions of the oncoming holiday season.  I found myself creating a Christmas list of items that I wish to attain.

My number one thought was actually a wish for a new beginning for our city of Monterey Park!  Our present city-council has been an eyesore, with its continuous bickering, nasty remarks which sometimes included residents of our own residents! In addition, constant criticism of our present Trash pickup service, their finger pointed directly at Athens pickup service. My neighbors and I have been satisfied with their service over the years. They have been efficient and on schedule! As far as switching to another service, they may not be as reliable and their rates would more than likely would climb upwards and the neighborhood would be sorry with the change! As far as I can see, this matter will not be settled for awhile and so our city will not be in a content and peaceful state as I had wished for!

My next wish, fortunately, has already been satisfied. I am happy to report that daughter Rachel has completed her Cancer treatment and has now resumed her newspaper reporter position at the Vallejo Times Herald newspaper! We recently celebrated her recovery on Thanksgiving at her home in Vallejo, California!

My next wish has yet to be forthcoming for a world peace with a speedy return home for our fighting men!

We would also take this opportunity to wish our readers “A very merry and healthy Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year!


PS. Recently, I had the fortune to meet a very interesting young man, I thought he looked familiar and sure enough, I had seen him on TV. He was with a group of look alikes, of none other, than Elvis Presley. What I gather, he performs at events, such as parties, gatherings and even New Year’s eve, as well His phone # is as follows: 626- 241-4359. His name is John Reade Fisher!  He is available, just give him a call! Happy holidays!

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