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Statement by Congressman Darrell Issa on Democrat Debt Limit Crisis

“Tax Increases Must be Off the Table”

On January 19, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-48) made the following statement:

“Having plunged our nation into record inflation – caused by the nonstop spending during the Biden presidency – Democrats are now sitting back and washing their hands of any economic culpability while blaming Republicans for the fact that the debt ceiling has been reached. None dare call this sincere.

“Here are the facts: In her first days as Speaker with Joe Biden in the White House, Pelosi and the Democrats forced through trillions of new spending on a party line vote that almost immediately caused inflation not seen since the early 1980s. Since then, product supply and pocketbook buying power have only worsened for the American people.

“In her last hours as Speaker – after voters indisputably voted to remove her from power – Nancy Pelosi rammed through $1.7 trillion of new spending on an overwhelmingly partisan vote. This rapidly accelerated our path to the debt ceiling, for which Democrats accept no responsibility and, for now, show no willingness to responsibly seek a fair solution. Initial suggestions of massive new taxes on the American people are simply off the table.

“Having maxed out the nation’s credit card, the Democrats are nowhere to be found now that the bill has come due. The American people know this. Democrats should stop playing their blame games and help fix the mess that they alone created.”

Congressmen Issa, Vargas Re-Introduce Legislation to Place Sacred Tribal Land into Trust

On January 24, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-48) and Congressman Juan Vargas (CA-52) re-introduced legislation to place 700 acres of sacred land into a Pala Band of Mission Indians tribal trust.

“This bipartisan legislation will preserve a 700-acre span of sacred tribal land and ensure the protection of timeless heritage, culture, tradition, and history,” said Rep. Issa. “I am proud to join my friend Rep. Vargas and provide the Pala Band of Mission Indians with new stewardship and the ability to manage and preserve their historical land into the future.”

The property includes the remaining portion of San Diego County’s Gregory Mountain that is not on the existing Pala Reservation. In 2019, Pala Band Chairman Robert Smith testified to Congress that the land was historically occupied by Native peoples and is a site of an ancestral village, rock art paintings and ancient artifacts.

“As home to nearly 1,000 enrolled members, the Pala Band of Mission Indians’ land in San Diego County is rich of sacred history,” said Rep. Vargas. “I’m proud to join my colleague, Representative Darrell Issa, in introducing the Pala Band of Mission Indians Land Transfer Act, which will transfer approximately 700 acres to tribal trust. This land has sacred sites, including portions of Gregory Mountain, which are part of their historical and ancestral landscape.”

“The Pala Band of Mission Indians looks forward to working closely with Congressman Darrell Issa as we aim to protect Chokla, our sacred mountain,” said Robert Smith, Chairman of the Pala Band of Mission Indians. “This legislation would place culturally-significant ancestral lands into federal trust and ensure the people of Pala can continue to preserve our legacy and traditions for future generations. We are grateful for Congressman Issa’s long-standing commitment to support this important effort.”

Statement by Congressman Issa on Appointment to Select Subcommittee

On January 25, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-48) made the following statement following his appointment to the House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government:

“Speaker McCarthy is right to form this select subcommittee, and in Chairman Jim Jordan, he’s chosen the right member to lead it.

“We know that something has gone terribly wrong in Washington’s conception of governmental power, public accountability, and the American people’s right to have a voice that is both strong and free. The weaponization of the federal government against the American people is the signature abuse of power of our time, and I see no way Congress can look away and not seek due accountability.

“This subcommittee also represents Congress’ core constitutional responsibility to not only highlight abuses by the federal government, but ensure that we prevent them from ever happening again.

“I look forward to working alongside my colleagues in the cause of reminding our government that it is still subject to the will of its people and the rule of the law.”

Issa Announces Legislation to Ban Mileage Taxes, Mileage Trackers

“Mileage taxes and the trackers that enable them must be stopped”

On January 27, Congressman Darrell Issa introduced the No Track No Tax Act, to prevent the funding of both a tax on how far Americans can drive, as well as mileage tracking devices that would calculate that distance.

“The establishment of a mileage tax is more than an attack on the freedom to drive. It singles out for the harshest penalty against those who need to drive the most for work, school, and on behalf of their families,” said Rep. Issa. “Even worse, the mileage tax is only enabled by a mileage tracker – a device that shadows drivers and captures everywhere they go. This is a dangerous government intrusion, and the potential for abuse and the exposure of personal data may be limitless.”

The legislation states that “No federal funds may be obligated or expended, directly or indirectly, to study, propose, establish, implement, or enforce any State, local, or Federal mileage tax, including through the funding of a mileage tracking program.”

Congressman Issa specifically noted that San Diego County’s Regional Transportation Agency’s (SANDAG) is proposing three new half-cent sales tax increases and a mileage tax for every mile driven to pay for an unprecedented $165 billion expansion of mass transit. Importantly, he added, SANDAG’s finance plan states, “Charging fees for the transportation infrastructure that people use – for example, charging users for each mile they drive on the highway – can change travel behavior.”

“San Diego has been ground zero for government efforts to impose its agenda on an entire community. The No Track No Tax Act will put an end to these plans and prevent their spread to all communities,” said Issa. “By prohibiting federal funds for any state, local or federal effort of this kind, we will stop the tracking and the taxing of your freedom to drive.”

“Last week, I also introduced the GAS Act to prevent a proposed government ban on the use of gas stoves in people’s homes. Mileage taxes, mileage trackers, and taking away your right to an appliance of your choice are hallmarks of government efforts not to tell you how to live better – but to tell you how to live.”

Statement by Congressman Issa on Israeli Military Action in Iran

On January 30, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-48) released the following statement after reports of an Israeli drone strike Saturday on a military target in Isfahan, Iran:

“By striking a military target in Iran, Israel has taken decisive action against the primary force of instability in the region and the leading sponsor of terror throughout the globe. America must stand with our ally and unequivocally defend Israel’s right to defend itself against existential enemies – especially Iran – that would destroy the Jewish State.

“The world is looking for America to show clear resolve, speak with a resolute voice, and deliver strategic clarity. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration’s Iran policy has been muddled and muted, save for when it wasn’t openly appeasing Iran and agreeing to one concession after another. After today, it is finally time for this White House to let go of its dreams for a Rose Garden signing ceremony celebrating a nuclear deal with the Mullahs of Tehran.

“This is the time for a unified American response that supports Israel, tells the truth about Iran, and advances a smarter strategy to contain the terror state. I believe the Congress stands ready to do its part to make that happen.”

Issa Introduces SOIL Act to Ban Land Purchases by America’s Adversaries

On January 30, Congressman Darrell Issa introduced the Saving Our Invaluable Land (SOIL) Act, which would prohibit China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea from purchasing land within 10 miles of sensitive U.S. agencies and strategic sites including military bases and federally-funded research labs.

“Our country has a compelling interest in preventing our foremost adversaries from gaining access to property near the most sensitive and strategic sites in the American homeland,” said Rep. Issa. “This problem did not emerge overnight, but it has grown worse every year, and the Biden Administration has been missing in action. It’s time for Congress to act.”

Congressman Issa also pointed out that China now owns and controls 192,000 acres of farmland in the United States – amounting to $80 million more in Chinese investment than 10 years ago.

“The risks to national security are manifestly obvious, and we must move swiftly as a Congress and as a nation to guard against the spying and surveillance that is enabled when we allow our adversaries to gain control of our land.”

Issa Introduces Resolution to Recognize Essential Contributions of Independent Workers

“No one should take away their opportunity to work for themselves”

On January 31, Congressman Darrell Issa introduced a resolution recognizing the contributions of independent workers and contractors to the American economy and defending economic opportunity for the millions of Americans that make their living by working for themselves.

“With this resolution, we are standing with millions of workers, contractors, and independent freelancers and defending them from the politicians and bureaucrats determined to abolish their jobs,” said Rep. Issa. “Dismissed by some as occasional part-timers, these creative and industrious men and women are independent by choice, fundamental to American commerce, and they need our help more than ever.”

Rep. Issa was joined by 17 House colleagues supporting his legislation. The bill is also endorsed by TechNet, the Flex Association, the Coalition for Workforce Innovation, and GlamSquad.

“The millions of Americans who act as their own bosses through the independent contractor model embody the entrepreneurial spirit that is interwoven into the fabric of our nation,” said Education and Workforce Committee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (NC-05). “No matter when, where, and how they choose to work, these hardworking men and women deserve freedom and flexibility. This resolution offered by Representative Issa sends a clear message to the entire country: House Republicans are immensely proud to stand alongside independent workers. Washington’s ever-metastasizing bureaucracy will not deter us from doing so.”

“The Coalition for Workforce Innovation applauds Congressman Issa’s resolution to recognize the substantial contributions of independent workers across the American economy,” Coalition for Workforce Innovation Chair Evan Armstrong said. “Independent work empowers individuals such as students, parents, and retirees to decide for themselves when, where, and how they work. As nontraditional work arrangements become more prevalent, it is critical that our workforce policies catch up to our modern economy to protect those who choose to work independently and entrepreneurially. We thank Congressman Issa for championing this important message on behalf of independent workers across the country.”

“Flex applauds the introduction of Rep. Issa’s resolution in support of independent work,” said the Flex Association. “App-based platforms have enabled more people than ever to have the ability to choose where, when, how often—and with which companies—they want to earn income. The overwhelming majority of app-based earners prefer to remain independent to preserve that flexibility. We thank Rep. Issa for his leadership in recognizing the benefits and flexibility of independent work, and look forward to working with members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to pursue common-sense policies that support the independent work that millions continue to choose, even as over ten million traditional jobs remain open.”

“The gig economy is driving new opportunities in communities across the country,” said Peter Chandler, Vice President of Federal Policy and Government Relations at TechNet. “Through technology, people are able to work independently on their schedule, start and run their own businesses, and use their property, time, and talents to make money and provide for their families. We applaud Representative Issa for continuing to highlight the important role independent workers have on our economy.”

ICYMI: Fox News - Government wants to tax drivers by the mile. This bill from Darrell Issa could stop it

On February 2, Fox News published an article covering Congressman Darrell Issa’s (CA-48) No Track No Tax Act, which would ban the federal government from using funds to develop systems to track drivers’ movements and tax how far they drive.

The full article can be viewed HERE or below:

Government wants to tax drivers by the mile. This bill from Darrell Issa could stop it

Federal government has studied how to tax drivers by the mile for years

The federal government and several state-level entities have spent years trying to impose a new tax on drivers that would charge them for each mile driven, but a new bill from Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., aims to shut down that aspiration for good.

Issa last week introduced the No Track No Tax Act, which bans the federal government from directing any funds toward the development of a system to track drivers and assess a tax for every mile driven.

Issa’s bill is a reaction to the San Diego County regional transportation agency’s plan to tax drivers for every mile driven in order to raise billions in revenue to expand mass transit in that city. Issa says that sort of planning is an overreaching attempt by the government to force people out of their cars and into public transportation, and he notes that the San Diego agency has explicitly acknowledged the goal of trying to “change behavior.”

But Issa is also sounding the alarm that the technology needed to implement a “vehicle miles traveled” tax, or VMT tax, would also give government officials the power to track people’s movement.

“The mileage tax is only enabled by a mileage tracker – a device that shadows drivers and captures everywhere they go,” Issa said. “This is a dangerous government intrusion, and the potential for abuse and the exposure of personal data may be limitless.”

“The very concept of tracking every American’s movement by position, by mile and then taxing them on it is a direction against the fundamentals of both our Constitution and the free flow of commerce,” Issa told Fox News Digital. “There’s already more than enough tracking in America, most of which requires a warrant.”

Issa said his bill would likely be enough to stop officials in San Diego from moving ahead with their plan to tax drivers by the mile, as the transportation agency relies heavily on federal funding.

But Issa’s bill would also prevent the federal government from pursuing the idea, as it says no federal funds could be used to “study, propose, establish, implement, or enforce any state, local, or federal mileage tax.”

More than a decade ago, the Obama administration’s Department of Transportation floated the idea of taxing cars by the mile to generate more infrastructure revenue. That plan imagined the installation of trackers on each car that would register how far they traveled at gas stations, which would have equipment that would register and send that data to the government for tax collection purposes.

That idea went nowhere, but the $1 trillion infrastructure bill that President Joe Biden signed in 2021 included language that called on the Department of Transportation to start a pilot program aimed at exploring the idea of a VMT tax.

The infrastructure bill called on the department to create a Federal System Funding Alternative Advisory Board to explore the idea of a “per-mile user fee” as a way to generate highway funding based on how far people drive. The bill called for volunteers to be used in all 50 states to start testing this new system, and it imagined the use of onboard equipment, data from auto insurance companies, cellphone data and other means of tracking how far people drive.

While the law says the Federal System Funding Alternative Advisory Board should be up and running by February 2022, spokespeople for the department said that as of late last year it was not in place yet.

Issa said it makes sense to try to pass his bill now and not count on further delays at the Department of Transportation. He cited the line that former President Ronald Reagan made famous about the government’s view on how to raise money from the private sector: “If it moves, tax it.”

“This is one that definitely is moving,” Issa said about the idea of taxing cars, “and they’ll tax it for every mile it moves.”

Rep. Issa and House and Senate Colleagues Reintroduce Bill to Ensure Artists Fair Pay for Radio Airplay

On February 2, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-48) and Congressman Jerry Nadler (NY-12) have introduced the bipartisan American Music Fairness Act (AMFA) to ensure that artists and music creators are paid when their songs are played on FM/AM radio. The AMFA will bring radio broadcasters in line with the standard of other platforms that compensates artists when their music is played. Senators Blackburn (R-TN) and Padilla (D-CA) introduced the AMFA in the Senate.

“Protecting one’s intellectual property is the signature right of every American who dares to invent,” said Congressman Issa. “Every artist who first picked up a drumstick, sang to their mirror, or wrote lyrics from the heart did so because they had a dream and wanted to share it with the world. I look forward to working with the full spectrum of stakeholders and colleagues to achieve this overdue reform.”

“The United States is an outlier in the world for not requiring broadcast radio to pay artists when playing their music, while requiring satellite and internet radio to pay,” said Rep. Nadler. “This is unfair to both artists and music providers. I’m proud to sponsor the American Music Fairness Act which would finally correct this injustice.  This is what music creators want and deserve.”

“From Beale Street to Music Row to the hills of East Tennessee, Tennessee’s songwriters and artists have undeniably made their mark,” said Senator Blackburn. “However, while digital music platforms compensate music performers and copyright holders for playing their songs, AM/FM radio stations only pay songwriters for the music they broadcast. This legislation takes a long overdue step toward leveling the music industry playing field and ensuring creators are fairly compensated for their work.”

“California’s artists play a pivotal role in enriching and diversifying our country’s music scene, but for too long, our laws have unfairly denied them the right to receive fair compensation for their hard work and talent on AM/FM radio broadcasts,” said Senator Padilla. “As we celebrate the accomplishments of our musical artists at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles this weekend, we must commit to treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve for the music that they produce and that we enjoy every day.”

“It’s clear that the movement for music fairness continues to gain momentum, bringing us closer than ever before to ending Big Radio’s ability to deny artists the fair pay they deserve. This week’s House and Senate introductions of the American Music Fairness Act is evidence of that. We thank Senators Padilla and Blackburn and Representatives Issa and Nadler for their leadership in the effort to secure economic justice for our nation’s music artists and creators and look forward to working together to drive continued progress in the coming months,” said Congressman Joe Crowley, Chairman of musicFIRST.

“Music creators have been forced to give away their work for far too long. It is time for Congress to demonstrate that they stand behind the hard-working Americans that provide the music we all love by finally passing the American Music Fairness Act. This bill has the broad support of artists, labels, small broadcasters, unions, and others because it strikes a fair balance by respecting creators for their work and protecting truly local broadcasters. No more excuses, no more waiting in line for their turn. Music creators demand the economic justice AMFA provides,” said Michael Huppe, President and CEO of SoundExchange.

“As we prepare to focus our attention on celebrating music this weekend at the GRAMMY Awards, the Recording Academy also renews its commitment to ensuring music creators are always compensated fairly for their work. We applaud Reps. Issa, Nadler, McClintock, and Lieu and Senators Padilla, Blackburn, Feinstein, and Tillis for reintroducing the American Music Fairness Act and look forward to working with them to build on the historic progress we made last year on this important legislation,” said Harvey Mason jr., CEO of the Recording Academy.

“The American Music Fairness Act is practical compromise legislation that has already passed the House Judiciary Committee with bipartisan support last Congress. It takes a smart, calibrated approach towards solving a decades old problem in the radio industry. When enacted into law, AMFA will ensure recording artists and copyright owners are paid fairly for recorded music regardless of the technology used to broadcast it while carefully protecting small and noncommercial stations to preserve truly local radio our communities depend upon,” said Mitch Glazier, Chairman and CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America.

“For far too long, our broken and unfair system has let AM/FM radio stations – many of which are owned by just a few massive media corporations — get away with refusing to pay artists when they play their music. While these big corporate broadcast companies gobble up billions upon billions in advertising dollars, the session and background musicians, whose work makes all of it possible, receive no compensation whatsoever for their creations. It’s time to right this wrong, and the American Music Fairness Act aims to do just that. It’s vital that Congress protects the livelihoods of those who create the music we know and love,” said Ray Hair, International President of the American Federation of Musicians.

“I want to thank Congressman Jerry Nadler, Congressman Darrell Issa, Senator Alex Padilla and Senator Marsha Blackburn for their leadership on this crucial legislation. When you consider the billions of dollars the big radio corporations generate in revenue and profits, it’s shocking that recording artists, vocalists and musicians don’t receive a penny when their work is played on AM/FM radio. Since when do workers in America get exploited without pay? This is an unfair and egregious loophole especially since both streaming and digital services pay for the use of artists’ work. AM/FM radio has had a free ride for decades and it’s time to put a stop to it! I urge Congress to fix this outdated practice by passing the American Music Fairness Act,” said Fran Drescher, President of SAG-AFTRA.

“We are grateful that our champions are making it crystal clear that the fight for fairness continues in this new Congress. By reintroducing the American Music Fairness Act, Senators Blackburn and Padilla, along with Representatives Issa, Nadler, McClintock, and Lieu, as defenders of property rights and supporters of artistic expression, have put the mega broadcasting conglomerates on notice that it is time to erase their stain on America’s history,” said Dr. Richard James Burgess, President and CEO of the American Association of Independent Music.

For decades, American terrestrial radio stations have not been required to compensate performers when they play their music – making the United States one of the only developed countries in the world with these outdated laws. The American Music Fairness Act would close this loophole and require broadcasters to pay artists when they use their work.

The American Music Fairness Act is also endorsed by the AFL-CIO, the American Association of Independent Music (A2IM), the American Federation of Musicians, the Recording Academy, and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Read the full text of the bill HERE.

Issa: Show of force from China was met with a show of weakness from Biden

On February 6,  Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-48) released the following statement regarding the Biden Administration’s failure to protect the American homeland:

“The Biden administration has failed its most important responsibility: protecting America’s homeland. To make matters worse, it attempted to cover up clear Chinese espionage and a violation of America’s sovereignty while issuing multiple versions of what the White House knew and when it knew it.

“Here are the facts: On President Biden’s watch, a Chinese intelligence-gathering airship in the form of a spy balloon was allowed to enter the sovereign airspace of the United States and cross over the entire country from the Pacific to the Atlantic. During this journey, it performed constant surveillance directly over our most sensitive military sites. This is a clear show of force from one of America’s leading adversaries, and it was met with a clear show of weakness from President Biden.

“Ronald Reagan notably said that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. This is because our freedom, like peace itself, will not be preserved through appeasement but only through eternal vigilance. Over the weekend, the Biden administration was put to the test. And it failed.”

Congressman Issa Named to House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology

On February 8, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-48) released the following statement following his appointment to the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.

“The Science, Space, and Technology Committee touches countless lives and in ways that are known today – and waiting to be discovered tomorrow. Under the leadership of Chairman Lucas, I have every confidence this committee will enhance our research and development capabilities and ensure that American innovation continues to burn brightest in every corner of the globe,” said Rep. Issa.

As a former technology industry business leader, Congressman Issa will look to advance America’s scientific, economic and technical growth. Representing portions of San Diego and Riverside County, Issa’s District is home to innovators in the science, space, and technology fields that are powering future industries.

Issa: Weaponization of Government is Worse Than Ever and Congress Must Act

“We made the right case today to the American people”

On February 9, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-48) issued the following statement following the first hearing of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government:

“The weaponization of the federal government against the American people is the signature abuse of power of our time. While it is not new, it has grown worse. That was more than proven by the committee today.

“Today, we heard from two former FBI agents who loved their job but grew disillusioned by what they said was partisan, political, and unethical behavior at the bureau. Sen. Grassley of Iowa and Sen. Johnson of Wisconsin confirmed that the FBI at the highest levels has lied to the courts, the Congress, and the country.

“FBI corruption doesn’t just threaten some Americans. Or silence a few others. Every American loses when the world’s most powerful and prestigious law enforcement organization loses its reverence for the Constitution, concern for the rights of each American, and turns against the people it is sworn to protect and serve.

“This committee matters because the American people are worth fighting for. My colleagues on the other side of the aisle now have a choice: They can join us in working to reveal the truth and understand the true scope and depth of how this all went so wrong. Or they can choose to delay and obstruct this Committee’s work.”

Issa, Bost Lead Bicameral Legislation to Cap Attorney Fees for Camp Lejeune Victims

On February 10, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-48), Chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet, and Congressman Mike Bost (IL-12), Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee introduced the Protect Camp Lejeune Victims Ensnared by Trial-lawyers’ Scams (VETS) Act. The legislation would limit the fees attorneys can charge veterans and families seeking awards under the Camp Lejeune federal cause of action. Reps. Issa and Bost were joined by Senators Dan Sullivan (R-AK), who introduced the bill in the Senate, along with Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Chuck Grassley (R-IA), and seven other Senate cosponsors.

“While measures have been taken on behalf of veterans affected by the water crisis at Camp Lejeune, it has also opened the door for unscrupulous attorneys to prey on desperate victims and engage in rampant lawsuit abuse,” said Rep. Issa. “If not prevented, millions of dollars could go to predatory law firms rather than deserving service members and their loved ones. That’s why I’m thankful for the leadership of Rep. Bost and Sen. Sullivan and proud to join my colleagues in both houses of Congress to advance this crucial legislative solution. It’s time to put Marines and their families first.”

“Our Camp Lejeune veterans and their families have put up with enough,” said Chairman Bost. “As a Marine Corps veteran, I am grateful to two of my fellow veterans, Rep. Darrell Issa and Senator Dan Sullivan, for leading the Protect Camp Lejeune VETS Act this Congress to cap attorney fees at a reasonable rate, and safeguard Camp Lejeune veterans from predatory law firms. No veteran family who was affected by the Camp Lejeune water contamination crisis should have to endure unjustly high legal fees to simply have their day in court.”

The previously passed Honoring Our PACT Act established the ability for any individuals affected by contaminated water at Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987 to sue the United States for health damages. The legislation introduced by Reps. Issa and Bost and Senator Sullivan would prohibit attorneys from charging more than 12 percent of a settlement or more than 17 percent of a trial award in these suits to protect veterans from predatory legal firms and fees.

“In my 8 years in the U.S. Senate, there are few issues I’ve been involved with that more desperately cry out for a just resolution,” said Sen. Sullivan. “Worst of all, the Biden Justice Department warned the Congress that, without a cap, predatory law firms could grab the lion’s share of these judgments and leave Marines and their family members with crumbs. This is an outrage—all Americans know it, all senators know it. My Republican colleagues and I have tried to remedy the situation multiple times, but some Democrats worked to block those efforts. It’s outrageous. With the bicameral legislation we are introducing, our colleagues will once again have an opportunity to protect these courageous service members who’ve served and sacrificed to protect all of us. The time to act is now. Let’s all have a little courage, like the Marines who need our help, and pass this important legislative fix.”

“Our armed service members deserve our enduring thanks. We’ve been working for years to ensure those who’ve been harmed by the contamination at Camp Lejeune are taken care of, but predatory trial lawyers have swooped in to take for themselves what ought to be going to individuals and families affected. This legislation will cap what these lawyers can charge families, so the benefits get where they’re supposed to, while still ensuring good lawyers are willing to take victims’ cases,” Senator Grassley said.

“Generations of brave Kentuckians joined the U.S. Marines to protect and defend our nation, only to ingest contaminated drinking water at Camp Lejeune and suffer debilitating lifelong illnesses as a consequence. These heroes deserve justice – and deserve protection from predatory trial lawyers,” said Senator McConnell. “I’m proud to join with Senator Sullivan and cosponsor the Protect Camp Lejeune VETS Act. This legislation was designed to support sick veterans, not enrich greedy lawyers.”

“With the passage of the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, veterans and their families were finally able to pursue legal action against the government for their exposure to toxic contaminated water at Camp Lejeune. After decades of waiting, and suffering the realities of life-threatening medical conditions, they were bombarded by advertisements from unscrupulous law firms charging exorbitant fees. We commend Senator Sullivan, Chairman Bost, and Congressman Issa for their leadership on this issue and correcting this injustice by introducing legislation that caps legal fees at a reasonable amount to ensure our veterans and their families are not taken advantage of,” said Chanin Nuntavong, executive director for the American Legion.

Veterans and their families with questions or who want to report fraud can contact the Department of Justice through the dedicated CLJA hotline (202-353-4426) and email box (CampLejeune.PACTAct@usdoj.gov).

Darrell Issa is the Representative of California’s 48th Congressional District. The District encompasses the central and eastern parts of San Diego County and a portion of Riverside County, including the communities of Fallbrook, Valley Center, Ramona, Escondido, Santee, Lakeside, Poway, Temecula, Murrieta, and the mountain and desert areas of the San Diego-Imperial County line. Issa served as the Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform from 2011-2015.


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