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News from Congressman Darrell Issa

Issa: Biden Must Extend Title 42

“If White House has its way, immigration crisis will go into overdrive”

On December 19, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-50) released the following statement:

“Our nation’s worst-ever illegal immigration crisis is Joe Biden’s to answer for,” said Rep. Issa. “From his first day in office, he pursued open borders, more than two million illegals surged into the country, and unprecedented human trafficking and deadly fentanyl was the inevitable result.

“Time and again, this Administration has tied the hands of every CBP officer who swore to defend our border and protect our country. Now, as Title 42 is about to be rescinded by this White House, this crisis will go into overdrive. Tens of thousands of migrants have surged to our border in anticipation of the end of Title 42 and an easier path than ever to circumvent our immigration laws.

“President Biden should extend Title 42 now and do everything else in his power to stop the southern border chaos that even he admits is imminent. We need to get control and lock in policies that we know will work.

“President Biden broke our immigration system. Now it is up to him to fix it.”

Statement by Congressman Darrell Issa

On December 23, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-50) made the following statement:

“Congress does itself no favors when it puts off for months what it could achieve in days, negotiates in secret, spends what it does not have, and leverages a looming government shutdown and impending holiday season as a motivation to vote yes and get it all over with.

“That there are worthwhile items among $1.7 trillion in spending is not disputable – but it’s also not the point. As a native of Cleveland, I’ve known many losing sports teams that included star players. It did not change the reality that the teams were not successful enough and needed to be rebuilt.

“Fundamentally, this omnibus process brings into full display how House Democrats have abused their majority and why the American people took it away. Speaker Pelosi’s ensuing scramble to squeeze every partisan advantage right up to the last moment before a Republican majority takes over should inspire voters to wait a very long time before considering returning her team to power.

“My late friend and longtime Congressional colleague Elijah Cummings had a favored refrain that he said to me many times: ‘We are better than this.’

“It was a seemingly simple statement, but it captured a recognition that the Congress as an institution should honor its highest ideals, not its narrowest interests.

“I cannot support this unnecessary and unjustified omnibus spending package.”

Statement by Congressman Darrell Issa

Posted on January 6

On November 8, 2022, the American people voted to end the Speakership of Nancy Pelosi and return appropriate balance in Washington. The Republican Party earned that victory, and with it the opportunity to lead in a new direction and begin a new era of better governance.

The past two years haven’t been good for America. Despite the daily hard work of the American people, we’ve lost much ground as a nation: economically, educationally, militarily, and all around the world.

The stakes are too high for us not to come together and take action.

The last few days have brought forward many productive conversations and new ideas about a better way forward. But we can’t fight for the American people until we stop fighting with each other.

The GOP made a promise to the voters and now it is time for us to keep it.

Issa: This Republican Congress is Serious about Reining in Big Government in Washington

On January 10, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-48) made the following statement:

“We are only just beginning to understand the scope and the depth of the Democrats’ weaponization of the federal government against the American people,” said Rep. Issa. “Last year’s move by then-Speaker Pelosi to balloon the IRS through the hiring of 87,000 new agents was no doubt to expand the bureaucracy and to feed their spending addiction. Far worse, however, it was also designed to equip the IRS to target the vast majority of Americans, their small businesses, their community organizations, and anyone else in the way of big government in Washington.

“This is why, as the one of the first acts of the new Republican House majority, the Family and Small-Business Taxpayer Protection Act was passed to cancel the Democrats’ IRS power grab and send a powerful message that this Republican Congress is serious about reining in both government spending and the excessive power of Washington bureaucrats.”

Issa Introduces the GAS Act to Prevent the Biden Administration Ban on Gas Stoves

On January 12, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-48) introduced the GAS Act, which would stop the Biden Administration from its contemplated ban on gas-burning stoves.

“The Biden Administration’s clear consideration to ban an appliance used by more than 40 million homes and 76 percent of restaurants is worse than Green New Deal-style regulation run amok. It is a preposterous overreach of federal power that would deny Americans a necessary product they use every day,” said Rep. Issa.

In December, 22 Democrat Senators and members of Congress urged the Biden Consumer Product Safety Commission to take action against gas stove usage. Recent comments by a top Biden appointee confirmed actions by the CPSC were under consideration.

Congressman Issa’s legislation is being co-sponsored by 43 Members of Congress: Ralph Norman, Bill Posey, Stephanie Bice, Claudia Tenney, Dan Newhouse, Scott Perry, Andy Biggs, Bill Huizenga, Adrian Smith, Ronny Jackson, Mark Amodei, Tom McClintock, Ben Cline, Lori Chavez DeRemer, Mike Garcia, William Timmins, Russ Fulcher, Jim Baird, Scott Franklin, Burgess Owens, Erin Houchin, David Rouzer, Brandon Williams, Monica De La Cruz, Eric Burlison, Harriet Hageman, Mark Alford, Nancy Mace, Andy Harris, Chuck Edwards, Mike Carey, Mike Enzell, Keith Self, Joe Wilson, Brian Babin, Barry Moore, Doug Lamborn, Mariannette Miller-Meeks, Mike Johnson, Rich McCormick, MD, MBA, John Moolenaar, Carol Miller, and Brad Finstad.

BREAKING: Issa Announces Award Upgrade by U.S. Navy to Captain E. Royce Williams

On January 13, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-48) today released the following statement that Navy Captain E. Royce Williams (Ret.) of Escondido will receive the Navy Cross on January 20, 2023, in San Diego, CA.

“Royce Williams is 97 years young, a Top Gun pilot like no other, and an American hero for all time,” said Rep. Issa. “The heroism and valor he demonstrated for 35 harrowing minutes 70 years ago in the skies over the North Pacific and the coast of North Korea saved the lives of his fellow pilots, shipmates, and crew. His story is one for the ages, but is now being fully told.”

On November 18, 1952, Capt. Williams piloted his F9F-5 Panther and alone faced seven Soviet MiG-15s – impossible odds by any conventional measure. Royce shot down four and survived a 37-millimeter round to his fuselage, where six inches to the right or left would have meant certain death. Despite the immense damage to his jet, he made a near-perfect landing on the deck of his aircraft carrier.

Royce was instructed to keep the incident a secret and he remained silent for more than 50 years. In addition, Soviet records were released in 1992 detailing how Williams shot down the four MiGs. Having been awarded a Silver Star, a determined campaign led by Rep. Issa and others – Operation Just Reward – was launched for Capt. Williams to be more appropriately honored.

“It is to this day the most unique U.S.-Soviet aerial combat dogfight in the history of the Cold War, and one in which Royce Williams performed an act of indomitable courage of the highest skill under incalculable duress. It is my honor to have fought for Royce to gain a recognition that he has not sought, but so richly deserves,” said Rep. Issa.

More about Captain Williams’ story and Operation Just Reward:

Washington Times: ‘Operation Just Reward’: A tale for the ages

ABC 10 News: Leaders and loved ones band together to try and award an American Hero a Medal of Honor

KUSI News: Issa’s amendment for Top Gun Cpt. Royce Williams to receive Congressional Medal of Honor advances to Senate

U.S.-Lebanon Friendship Caucus Chairs Urge Administration to Push the Lebanese Government for Timely, and Representative Presidential Elections

On January 13, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-48), Congressman Darin LaHood (IL-16) and Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (MI-06) urged Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen in a letter to push Lebanese government officials to seat a President following a constitutionally mandated election. In part, the members wrote:

“We believe the Administration can help end the stalemate by utilizing additional diplomatic tools to hold responsible those who are continuing to obstruct democratic processes in Lebanon. The United States must make clear the expectations of the international community on Lebanon, including timely and representative Presidential elections by the Parliament to support the ongoing needs of the people of Lebanon. Additionally, continued international engagement and assistance should reflect the ability of the Lebanese government to enact badly needed economic reform.

“The results of the May 2022 Parliamentary elections prove that the people of Lebanon want to live under democratic rule that supports their birthright of national determination. America should continue to support the Lebanese people in their efforts for a sovereign, stable, and representative Lebanon.”

The text of the letter can be read HERE.

Darrell Issa is the Representative of California’s 50th Congressional District. The District encompasses the central and northeastern parts of San Diego County and a portion of Riverside County, including the communities of Fallbrook, San Marcos, Valley Center, Ramona, Escondido, Santee, Lakeside, El Cajon, Temecula, and the mountain and desert areas of the San Diego-Imperial County line. Issa served as the Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform from 2011-2015.

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