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4th of July Celebration in Monterey Park


Mayor Henry Lo welcomed our residents and their guests to our annual celebration held on July 2nd because of the shortage of Pyrotechnics who set up our fireworks this year due to the Pandemic.

He introduced Congressmember Judy Chu, Assemblymember Mike Fong, Rosemead Councilmember Sandra Armenta  who represented State Senator Susan Rubio, Councilmember Yvonne Yiu, Councilmember Peter Chan and City Clerk Vince Chang.

He also introduced special guests that included former Monterey Park Mayor Mike Eng and Garvey School District President Vinh Ngo.


Joe Real led our Pledge of Allegiance. He is a member of American Legion Post 397.


Mayor Lo introduced Staff Sergeant Wai Sing Leung, Staff Sergeant Vikki Heung and E6/FCA1 Benny Ho to the audience.  The City Council presented them with Proclamations for their service to our country.


Mayor Lo welcomed the members of American Legion Post 397. The members of the Post have been providing food to many families who needed their assistance. They have provided 45,000 care packages for residents during the Pandemic. They have raised funds for the homeless. They support our community.


The City Council presented a Proclamation to the members of the Post for their services to our hometown.


Congressmember Judy Chu wished everyone a Happy 4th of July! We are back to celebrate 1776 with our Bill of Rights and our US Constitution. We can speak freely. We determine the direction of our nation. She expressed her gratitude to the members of American Legion Post 397. She said the veterans may leave the service.  They still serve the community.


Congressmember Judy Chu presented the members of the American Legion Post 397 with a Proclamation for their services to both our county and our city of Monterey Park.


Assemblymember Mike Fong thanked the City Council for this event. He thanked all of the veterans and first responders for their service. He thanked the members of American Legion Post 397 for their leadership.


Assemblymember Mike Fong presented a Proclamation to the members of the American Legion Post 397 for their service to our community.


Rosemead Councilmember Sandra Armenta who represented State Senator Susan Rubio said today we are all here for this celebration. Susan Rubio was not able to attend this event. She thanked the veterans of American Legion Post 397 for the response to the needs of the residents.


Sandra Armenta presented the members of American Legion Post 397 with a Proclamation for their service to the community.


Councilmember Yvonne Yiu wished everyone a Happy Birthday Monterey Park and Happy Birthday to our United States of America! We thank our military members and our front-line workers. Enjoy the 4 th of July celebration!


Councilmember Peter Chan thanked our Founding Fathers for our Country. It is a good system to enjoy our freedoms. We thank all of our military personnel for keeping us safe. Enjoy our city’s 4th of July celebration!


City Clerk Vince Chang thanked all of our residents for being here  today to celebrate the members of American Legion Post 397. He said as City Clerk please vote, please vote and please vote in November. Please remember that American Legion Post 397 needs your financial support. He is also a member of CERT and they are looking for more Volunteers.


Mayor Henry Lo wished everyone a Happy 4thof July! Please enjoy the entertainment.


Staff Sergeant Michael Choi manned a US Army recruitment booth.


Members of CERT manned a booth to advise our residents of all of the services they provide in an emergency.


Roxie a member of American Legion Post 397 posed for a picture at the celebration.

The event also featured Nena’s Gourmet Popcorn booth and two food trucks.


Members of Electric Vinyl provided the entertainment before the night sky was full of colorful fireworks.  They are based out of the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys; Electric Vinyl were founded in 2011 by singer/songwriter Mike Pieper .

They played and sang famous songs from Boston, Cheap Trick, Def Leppard, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Rush, Styx, Tom Petty, U2, Van Halen, The Who and many others!

The fireworks reminded me of some of our lyrics from our National anthem “ The Star-Spangled Banner”

“And the rocket’s red glare
The bombs bursting in air
Gave proof through the night
That our flag was still there”

Monterey Park residents and their guests celebrated July 4th, 1776 the birth of our United States of America.

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