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Laura Scudder Scholarship Luncheon


Alice Nishimoto welcomed members of the Monterey Park Historical Society, John Scudder,  the  Scholarship winners and their guests to this very special day.  The event was held at the Courtyard by Marriott in Monterey Park on June 25th.

She welcomed Chloe Haskins and Karen Stopani; the winners of the scholarships provided by John Scudder.


Kris Filger, Chloe  Haskins, John Scudder, Karen Stopani and Alax Martinez were seated at the head table.


Chloe Haskins said she just completed her education to become a nurse. She now has to take her National Council Licensure Examination to become an RN. She wants to work in the Intensive Care system. She said her boyfriend Kris Filger is helping her with her studies.

She thanked John Scudder and the Scholarship Committee for choosing her for this scholarship.


Karen Stopani said she is a Paramedic in a rural area. She wants to become a  Physician Assistant so she can help more people with their health problems. Her friend Alax Martinez is her biggest supporter.

She thanked John Scudder and the Scholarship Committee for choosing her for this scholarship.


Marion Sumimoto provided a history of the Scudder Scholarships to the guests. The Scholarship Awards began in 1988. For the first nine years there were no awards given to students.

The Committee sends out the  scholarship information to several local colleges in the area.

When the Museum moved to Garvey Ranch Park the Scudder family paid for half of the move and provided them many historical items.

The Scudder Family provided scholarships to students taking classes to become Registered Nurses or Business Majors or working in the Culinary field.

She said that over the years 26 Scholarships have been awarded to Nursing students, 13 Scholarships have been awarded to Business Majors and 3 Scholarships have been awarded to Culinary Majors.

The scholarship amounts have increased from $500 in 1988, to $1,000 in 1997 and $3,000 in 2022.


Jim Iwaki gave the history of why Ramona Acres became the city of Monterey Park.  On May 29, 1916 the City Fathers drove to Sacramento to incorporate our city because the cities of Alhambra, South Pasadena and Pasadena wanted created a sewage farm on the property.

Monterey Park does not have  any sewage farms in our city.

Our city motto is “Pride in the Past” and “Faith in the Future”.

The Museum was founded to promote the history of Monterey Park.

In 1987 Manuel Tovar built small copies of all 21 Missions and gave them to the museum for all of our residents and their guests to enjoy.

In 1988 Louise Davis, an elected official helped the Historical Society to move to their new location at Garvey Ranch Park.

The Museum is opened on Saturdays and Sundays from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

For more information, please call 626-307-1267.


John Scudder showed the winners how to make rabbits from their napkins to the amusement of everyone.  He is well known for his Magic Tricks.


Marie Montanez spoke about “Volunteerism”. We are all volunteers who help out people where needed without being asked.

She spoke about her mother who will be 94 years old in August. Her mother told her she should  volunteer after she retired. She joined the Woman’s Club seven year ago with her mother.

Volunteering helps keep her mother alive.

Marie joined in the Scholarship Program because education is so very important and she cannot afford to donate money herself.

She said that everyone benefits: the giver and the receiver.


She presented Proclamations to Fred Sornoso and Hans Liang for their volunteering services to the museum. Fred  Sornoso cannot longer volunteer so Hans Liang is volunteering for him at the museum.  He is a City Councilmember too. Fred and Hans were not available to attend this event.

Everyone in this room helps. We have a giving heart and a generous heart.


John Scudder thanked everyone for attending this special event. He thanked Marie Montanez for her speech. We are all volunteers for all of us. He thanked the Grant Committee. They had to choose the winners. He said we have had men and women win these scholarships.  He is pleased to have these young women win this year’s scholarships.

He said he visited his grandmother Laura’s grave today in San Gabriel before he came to this event. He said he was very emotional as he spoke about Laura Scudder.

She didn’t go to college but sent all four of her children to college.

Laura Scudder was a nurse and a business woman.

The Scudder Family want to continue to give out scholarships as long as we need them.

The Scudder Scholarships that many young people here see it as a stepping stone today to help with their educations.

John Scudder said we have the funds to help people to improve their lives and we thank them too.


John Scudder presented Chloe Haskins and Karen Stopani with a proclamation and  a $3,000 check.

The audience congratulated them on winning these funds to be used to continue their education.


Members of the Monterey Park Historical Society joined John Scudder for a group picture in honor of this very special event.


Members of the Scholarship Committee: Marion Sumimoto, Marie Montanez,  Sandra Hidalgo and Alice Nishimoto joined with John Scudder for a group picture in honor of this special event.


John Scudder received an  autographed book from Charles N. Stevens titled  “The Innocent Cadet”. Mr. Stevens is a World War II veteran and a well-known author.


Larry Sullivan and John Scudder posed with two original waxed paper bags that Laura Scudder created for her Potato Chips.


Carol Sullivan and John Scudder posed with two original waxed paper bags that Laura Scudder created for her Potato Chips.

Alice Nishimoto thanked everyone attending this event. See you next year.

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