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Issa: Pelosi, AOC Need to Get out of the Way of My Unanimous Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Supreme Court Justices and Families

On June 13, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-50) released the following statement regarding his bill, H.R.7705, the Supreme Court Police Parity Act of 2022:

“The House legislation I authored already passed the Senate 100-0 and I don’t know of a single Member of Congress who will end up voting no. It is astonishing that Speaker Pelosi and AOC are not only blocking this bill, but also bragging about it on social media.

“Enough is enough. President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Schumer, and AOC need to tell their shock troops to stop breaking the law and cease threatening people in their homes. And Speaker Pelosi should let my Democrat colleagues vote their conscience on this vital bill.

“This essential security needs to happen before somebody gets killed — because it almost happened last week.”

The full text of the bill can be found here.

House Overwhelmingly Passes Issa Bill to Protect Supreme Court Justices and Families

On June 14, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-50) issued the following statement after the House of Representatives – by an overwhelming vote of 396-27 – passed his bill, the Supreme Court Police Parity Act. The new legislation provides Supreme Court Justices and their families with around-the-clock protection. Congressman Lou Correa (CA-46) co-authored the bill in the House, while the Senate version of the bill was introduced by Senator John Cornyn (R-TX).

“Like justice, security delayed is security denied. For more than a month, Speaker Pelosi blocked this mainstream and consensus reform to protect the Justices and their families, while threats and harassment continued, and even the attempted murder of Justice Kavanaugh followed. This day and vote are welcome but occurred far later than necessary,” said Rep. Issa.

“Last week we received a terrifying reminder of the threats against the Justices and their families, and we don’t have time to spare when it comes to providing the protection they desperately need,” said Sen. Cornyn. “After sitting on this bill for more than a month, I’m glad House Democrats allowed a vote on this legislation, and I’m grateful to Congressman Issa for his hard work in ushering this through the House. I strongly urge President Biden to sign this into law immediately.”

“Our democracy is founded on the concept of three co-equal and independent branches of government,” said Rep. Correa. ”Today, Congress voted today to pass S. 4160, mirroring legislation Congressman Issa and I introduced as a bipartisan bill in the House. Our justices, and their families, should be protected from any and all kinds of threats and intimidation.”

Issa Bill to Combat Human Trafficking Passes House Judiciary Committee

On June 16, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-50) released the following statement after his bill, the Human Trafficking Prevention Act of 2022, unanimously passed the House Judiciary Committee.

“Human trafficking is a crisis in every corner of our country, and the victims of this scourge need our support and deserve our commitment to fight back every way we can,” said Rep. Issa. “The Human Trafficking Prevention Act of 2022 is a step in the right direction, which I hope is only the beginning of a new and lasting commitment to comprehensive enforcement and education measures from a unified Congress. I look forward to seeing this bill advance in the House.”

The full text of the bill can be found HERE.

Issa Hosts Ceremony for Students Appointed to Military Service Academies

On June 17, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-50) issued the following statement after students he appointed to attend U.S. military service academies attended a send-off ceremony that the Congressman hosted:
“Nominating young men and women to join our military service academies is a great honor and part of an enduring tradition for every Member of Congress,” said Rep. Issa. “These are the leaders of tomorrow, and they are answering the call of their country and volunteering to stand in service to America. I look forward to watching them lead and succeed.”

Issa: Biden Owes America an Apology

On June 22, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-50) issued the following statement:

“From his first day in office, President Biden declared war on America’s energy sector, resulting in dramatically less supply and the highest prices in history,”said Issa. ”His gas tax gimmick doesn’t even begin to make up for the pain at the pump he has delivered to every driver, and he owes the country not only an apology, but substantially more reform and repair than this for what he broke.”

Congressman Issa Issues Statement on Supreme Court Roe v. Wade Decision

On June 24, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-50) issued the following statement:

“Today is a great day for the cause and the principle of life.

“A clear majority of the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States appropriately upheld its core purpose in our structure of self-governance: To discharge their duties faithfully and impartially under the Constitution. This is always the right way and the best way for the High Court to function.

“Judges hold a most precious power. They must be independent. They must interpret our laws. They must not make laws or rewrite laws. Judges must interpret our statutes as written. They must interpret the Constitution as written.

“I will always stand for life. And I will always support and defend our Constitution.”

Issa Amendment for Top Gun Pilot to Receive Congressional Medal of Honor Passes House, Advances to Senate

On July 14, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-50) issued the following statement after his amendment on behalf of Royce Williams to be recognized with the Congressional Medal of Honor was overwhelmingly approved by the House and added to the upcoming National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

“My floor speech today advocating for Royce Williams — an American hero and a Top Gun pilot like no other – only allowed for two minutes. It was not nearly enough time to describe the heroism and valor he demonstrated for 30 harrowing minutes 70 years ago in the skies over the North Pacific and coast of North Korea. It is to this day the most unique U.S.-Soviet aerial combat dogfight in the history of the Cold War – and one that is truly for the ages.

“On that unforgettable day in 1952, Capt. Williams alone faced seven Soviet MiG-15s – impossible odds by any conventional measure. Royce shot down four. He also survived a 37-millimeter round to his fuselage, where six inches to the right or left would have meant certain death. Despite the immense damage to his jet, he made a near-perfect landing on the deck of his aircraft carrier. This was an act of indomitable courage and the demonstration of the highest skill under incalculable duress.

“We won’t stop until Royce Williams receives the recognition he doesn’t seek, but richly deserves. It is long past time for the Congress to have a real say on who receives the Congressional Medal of Honor.”
Darrell Issa is the Representative of California’s 50th Congressional District. The District encompasses the central and northeastern parts of San Diego County and a portion of Riverside County, including the communities of Fallbrook, San Marcos, Valley Center, Ramona, Escondido, Santee, Lakeside, El Cajon, Temecula, and the mountain and desert areas of the San Diego-Imperial County line. Issa served as the Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform from 2011-2015.

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