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Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library


“Outpost of Wonder” a mural created by Ricardo Mendoza was unveiled for all to see on October 2 in front of the main entrance of the library.

Vince Chang and Peter Chan were the Masters of Ceremonies.  One event, a fundraiser was held inside the library. A reading area was set-aside for the day as the artist with his family and friends, local officials and residents visited and enjoyed a delicious buffet.

Mr. Chan welcomed all to this event and introduced the artist, Ricardo Mendoza.

Joan Merino, the President of the Library Board of Trustees welcomed everyone to this special event. She spoke about how the artist was chosen to fill the blank wall over the front door of the building. It took one year of meetings and interviewing several applicants before the board chose Mr. Mendoza. The artwork is due to be completed by the end of October. It is a work in progress.

Yvonne Shu, a representative from Congressmember Adam Schiff’s office said the Mr. Schiff congratulated Monterey Park on this beautiful mural. He thanked the Library Board Members and Trustees.

Mr. Chang thanked all for coming and supporting this mural.


Mr. Mendoza with his daughter in his arms said the library is very important to him. He stacked books by the Dewey decimal system and dreamed about artwork. This is a dream come true. His mural is a mixed media created with ceramics, aluminum, steel and spheres. This theme is wonder. Libraries are full of wonder. The mural will live with the building.

Mr. Chang and Mr. Chan introduced both past and present members of the Board of Trustees, Library Foundation and elected officials to the guests.

Dr. Barbara Morrow Williams, MLS, PhD. introduced the library staff to the group. The library is dedicated to improving literacy. We will keep our art programs and not reduce the cultures of our society. We offer art and education. Art is beauty and very worthwhile. It makes us feel good. She thanked the committee for their vision and all who attended this event.


Congressmember Judy Chu presented a proclamation to Ricardo Mendoza.

She called it a great day for the city. She recalled the old library that was very over crowded and the old building needed repairs. An approved bond was for the new library. It is a work of art. We can be so proud. We have the best library in the San Gabriel Valley.


Congressmember Chu also made a presentation to Librarian Dr. Barbara Morrow Williams, Board of Trustees members Ruth Willner, Nancy Ishino-Gilmore, Joan Merino and Vince Chang.

Virginia Greene, Secretary of the Library Foundation Board, thanked all the donors and volunteers by name. She thanked them for making this event successful.

The event moved outside of the library where the Monterey Park Fire Explorers posted the colors. Peggy Tang, a graduate from the LAMP Literacy Program, led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mr. Chang thanked the Fire Department and Peggy Tang for their participation

Librarian Dr. Barbara Morrow Williams thanked all for coming to this very important event for the library, the installation of public art at the portal of the library.  The library is the knowledge information center of the city for everyone. You are welcome to the library. Thanks for coming.

Mayor Anthony Wong said the library is for everyone young and old. The library is the place for young people to build a strong foundation. We will have a bright future.  We need to work together as family and friends to make this happen. He spoke about long time residents who grew up in our neighborhood. Interim Police Chief Jim Smith who also is our interim City Manager. He has been on the force for 30 years and he helps to protect our city. Richard Gorman, a local businessman who is active in the Chamber of Commerce.  We need to work together to be successful. We will recover. We are planning the future for our young people and all of us. He thanked all the members of the library boards. He asked God’s blessing on all of us.

Councilmember David Lau thanked all of the Boardmembers and his wife Cici Lau. We are here to celebrate the artist Ricardo Mendoza and the city for our commitment to art and cultural diversity. Art is very important. We need to be committed to it to improve our quality of life.  We are proud of the art. He congratulated Ricardo Mendoza. The library is an education center for the community of students and adults. Monterey Park is a great city to raise your family. He thanked all of the volunteers and boardmembers for all their hard work. The community works together to make Monterey Park have a better future for all to live, work, play and do business. He asked God to bless America.

City Treasurer Joseph Leon was not able to attend the event.

Ricardo Mendoza said it is the best-used library that he has even seen. He is very happy and proud to be a part of this community that is committed to culture.


Ricardo Mendoza received a proclamation from Assemblymember Mike Eng that was presented by Mr. Chang, as Mr. Eng could not be present for the event.


Ricardo Mendoza joined with City Clerk Dave Barron, Librarian Dr. Barbara Morrow Williams, Ruth Willner, Nancy Ishino-Gilmore, Councilmember David Lau, Mayor Anthony Wong, Peter Chan, Yukio Kawaratani, Vince Chang and Cici Lau.

Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library is opened to the public Sunday through Thursday. For more information and hours of operation please call 626-307-1358.

Next time you visit the library look up over the main entrance to see “Outpost of Wonder”.


August 26, 2008 the Monterey Park Library Board of Trustees selected Ricardo Mendoza to do the mural over the west door of the library. Mendoza says that his proposal focuses on his notion of the library as an “outpost of wonder. The nine planets accompany these forms, representing the library’s physical structure expanding into space. The view is representation of the library opening and revealing its structure for contemplation as an outpost amongst our greater universe, a resource for broader contemplations. The hands are offering both the seeds of science and nurturing the growing root of knowledge. Suspended just over them are several spheres representing planets and catching the light as three dimensional relief forms with shadow. Some of the dropping seeds are also three-dimensional forms. The thin lines of the suspension cables articulate more visually subtle but alluring geometric contemplations of space inherent in the murals parameters and provide allusion to further dimensions of knowledge resourced within the library itself. My goal is to create an inviting work that actively dialogs with the sites’ features utilizing multi dimensional devices while offering moments of intriguing visual discovery by all library visitors regardless of age, ethnicity or purpose for entering.”

Mendoza was born in San Diego and grew up in southern California and the East Coast and presently lives and works in Los Angeles. He received a B.F.A. in painting from Otis/Parsons School of Art and an Associate Arts degree from Orange Coast College. His artwork spans diverse neighborhoods and communities throughout Los Angeles. Past public art commissions include the Los Angeles Metro Firestone Blue Line Station, the Pacific Alliance Medical Building, and the Lanark Park Recreation Building. He also did a Martian landscape for AT & T, a cosmological chart of the universe for the film “Psycho Sushi” and an acrylic for “The Viper Room.” He has had exhibitions at Otis – Los Angeles, Flor de Luna Gallery, Museum of Arts – Downtown and Echo Park Arts Festival.

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