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F.Y. I.

F.Y. I.

(For Your Information)

By Mona Raskin


On September 24th, we attended a special class, Mature Driver’s Education at Monterey Park’s Senior Citizen’s Langley Center. This year, a new instructor, Police officer Peter Yung delivered an informative and interesting lecture on what is acceptable and not acceptable in today’s traffic world.

One of the top topics was on the importance of keeping both hands on your steering wheel at all times! A driver must not be allowed to handle a cell phone while driving. In fact, this applies to handling any other items, as well. If you do not adhere to this traffic rule, you can be stopped and be given a citation!

Besides the above rules, the driver must always focus on the road ahead, as well as the rear and side views, as well. Sudden changes in traffic can catch you unawares!  We also must always check any traffic signs you may find posted along the way, such as whether you may or may not be allowed to make a u turn!  One other important thing is to make sure you are able to hear any ambulance or fire trucks sounds going by! It is important to be able to move your vehicle closest to the right, in order to allow these vehicles to get through!

We were all given driver’s hand books. They can be obtained at any DMV, should anyone cares to have one.  Before we adjourned, Officer Peter Yung showed us a few videos on other traffic situations, as well! It was truly an interesting and informative day. It also included a tour of several vehicles parked outside the center. He pointed out the importance of checking out our tires from time to time, making sure they are not any older than 7 or 8 years old. If they are, they should be replaced with new ones. If you look at the side of your tires you can read the dates as to when they were made, if they are 7 or 8 years old, they should be replaced. If you’re planning a long journey or it turns rainy, will your tires be able to handle it?  In any event, keeping your car in good condition should be foremost.

Well, we want to thank Police Officer Peter Yung for a very interesting and informative day.  We do appreciate his time and efforts in explaining to us what we should know as we drive the streets and highways of our city!

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