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Vincent Chang Runs for Monterey Park City Treasurer


Vincent Chang’s banner was hung during his Kickoff Celebration held at the Monterey Park American Legion Post 397on March 12th as many local elected officials and former elected officials gather with residents to support him.



Members of The Rain Spirits provided the entertainment. The play the Golden Oldies that include Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues. The Band members include Native Americans and Latinos. For more information about this band please call James at 323-396-8879


Dora Leung and Jaime Rodriguez hosted the event. They welcomed everyone to Vince’s Kickoff for City Treasurer.


Congressmember Judy Chu said she supports Vince Chang 110% to serve as our City Treasurer.

Monterey Park is a diverse city. We serve all of our people. Our staff serves all of our residents too. She has known Vince for the last 40 years. He was first a City Commissioner and later as  our City Clerk. He did a great job as City Clerk. He cares about how the shutdown affected everybody and their right to vote with many days to vote before the Elections and mail in ballots. Monterey Park had great voter turnout.  She thanked Vince for his support in our City Elections. We transferred from Voting at Large to Voting by District.

Vince Chang is a well known for his love of bike riding for the last 30 years. He has worked with other bike rides to have our cities and our countries recognize those bikers need to have protected routes for their safety. He helped her with having the San Gabriel Mountains declared a National Treasurer.

Vince Chang will make a great City Treasurer. He deserves your vote to serve our city of Monterey Park. He has her support. Please vote to make Vince Chang our City Treasurer. He will serve all of us in Monterey Park. She thanked Vince.


Mike Eng welcomed all to this event in Monterey Park for our residents. He welcomed our honored guests to this event. We are here for Vincent. Monterey Park is a city of immigrants. No one can argue that Monterey Park has many immigrants. Vince supports these immigrants.

Monterey Park is a city of multiculturism and young people. He leads the bike riders in Monterey Park. He thanked Vince for his support. You are the past, present and future of Monterey Park.


Mayor Henry Lo, Councilmember Hans Liang and Councilmember Peter Chan addressed the audience.

Henry Lo said he is here to support Vince. He first met him at the library where he was teaching Citizenship Classes. The city’s finances are very important. It is set by the people for the needs of our city. Vince should be our next City Treasurer. He supports Vince.

Hans Liang said he is pleased to be here at this kickoff to support  Vince in  his campaign for City Treasurer. He supports Vince. We met when I ran for the City Council. They worked together for the people to help with the city’s money. Monterey Park is family. Vince cares about our city. That is a good trait. He supports Vince.

Hans Liang announced that he will be running for  City Clerk. He is running to replace Vince on the ballot. We will keep Monterey Park running firm.

Peter Chan congratulated Vince and Hans. He is going to retire. It is good that we have good people to keep Monterey Park going on. He and Vince have traveled around the world. He proved himself as our City Clerk so on to be our City Treasurer. He will keep Monterey Park safe and solvent. Congratulations Vince.


Vince Chang thanked Judy and Mike for being here today. He has worked together with them for our community. When you work with immigrant community you get to know them. As an Immigrant Attorney they will be the best Americans they can be.  He also has working to promote safety for bike riders in the San Gabriel Valley. He  thanked Henry, Peter and Hans for being here to support him.

Vince Chang said that Henry and I are related as their ancestors came from the same Chinese village. He is from Ecuador. It is a beautiful country. He spoke about the most famous located in Ecuador that is the Galapagos Island.

Vince Chang thanked all of the guests for being here to support him.


Assemblymember Mike Fong thanked Vince for running for office. He has Integrity, Transparence and Leadership qualities. He is proud to serve with all of the residents. He supports Vince for City Treasurer.


Dora Leung and Jaime Rodriguez thanked everyone for coming here to support Vince. We need your help. They thanked the Band and the American Legion Post 397 for helping to make this event great.


Commander Gabriel Suarez and his wife, Karen reminded the guests that this American Legion Post has been located in Monterey Park since 1931. They need your financial support to keep the Post opened to service our veterans.

They will be hosting a Car Show on April 24th from 11 AM to 6 PM at 338 S. Ramona Ave. in Monterey Park.


Vince Chang reminded the guests that our American Legion Post is on its own. It is really important to keep it opened to help our veterans.


Vince Chang posed for a picture with all of guests that included Congresswoman Judy Chu, Assemblymember Mike Fong, MP Mayor Henry Lo, MP Councilmember Hans Liang, MP Councilmember Peter Chan, Former MP Mayor David Lau, Alhambra Councilmember Adele Andrade Statler, Alhambra School Boardmember Bob Gin, Garvey School Boardmember Vinh Ngo, SG Municipal Water District Thomas Wong, Former Assemblymember Mike Eng, Former Alhambra Mayor Efren Moreno, Edith Gonzalez from Supervisor Hilda Solis’ Office, Frank Ye from IPAC, Denny Leung from CCBA, Maria Elena Yepes from ELAC Alumni Association, Katherine Torres a Former President  of MP Womens Club, Josephine Louie a member of the EDAC Commissioner/Lions Club, Edward Wong a member of the MP Rotary,  Dora Leung from Greater Monterey Park Chamber of Commerce, Members of CACA, CCBA, ActiveSGV, Warmis & Karys (Ecuadorian cultural organization)

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