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Rosemead School District Congratulates the Recipients of the 2022 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Cub Tours Winter Writing Contest

Rosemead, California: The Rosemead School District Board of Trustees and District Administration congratulates and celebrates the 2022 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Cub Tours Winter Writing Contest awardees, 8th graders Ellis Tran and Madeline Nguyen at Muscatel Middle School.

The UCLA Cub Tours Winter Writing Contest: I am Powerful, called for K-8 students to submit a drawing or short essay for a chance to win prizes. The writing prompt was as follows:

Everyone has distinct qualities that enable them to make a difference in school and in their communities. It is important to recognize what makes us powerful, so we can embrace our strengths and use them to do good in the world!

The page and word limits are not strict; they are just included alongside the prompts as a guide for students. Submissions will be judged on the following criteria: idea, organization, voice, and word choice where applicable. We ask that each student addresses the prompt that is specific to their grade level:

K-1: Draw a picture of yourself as a superhero. Who are you helping? Are you solving a problem? Do you have any special powers?

2-3: Write a creative short story from the perspective of a student who is improving something about their community. What are they fixing? How does it make them feel to help their neighbors? (1-2 paragraphs OR half a page)

4-5: Reflect on your ability to make a difference. Start with the sentence “I can make a difference because…” Think about the unique qualities that make you powerful! (2-3 paragraphs OR half a page to 1 page)

6-8: Select one change-maker who you admire. This person (or group) can be famous, or someone in your own community. How do they inspire you? What lessons have you learned from them that you want to implement in your own life? (3-4 paragraphs OR 1 page to 1 and a half pages)

Muscatel Middle School had a total of 23 students who participated, were recognized, and received hand-written letters from the UCLA Virtual tour guides accompanied by a UCLA pennant. The winners of the contest received UCLA prize-packs and $30 gift cards.

The contest was brought to the students by the California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) Muscatel Advisor and Muscatel Middle School 8th grade teacher Ms. Wendy Chen.

Congratulations to Muscatel Students Ellis Trans and Madeline Nguyen. You have made us proud. Congratulations also to the 21 other talented students who participated in the contest. Thank you to our CJSF club and teacher advisor, Ms. Wendy Chen, for supporting a college and career going environment at Muscatel,shared Superintendent Mr. Alejandro Ruvalcaba.

Congratulations to our two students who won the UCLA writing contest. We are extremely proud of these two talented and bright students,” stated Board of Trustees President Ms. Nancy Armenta.

About the University of California, Los Angeles Cub Tours

The UCLA Cub Tours Winter Writing Contest: I am Powerful was a contest designed for K-8 students to submit a drawing or short essay for a chance to win prizes. To learn more visit: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1V6M2SWA6ZsMmJU6ewIm87HgEqNNdxOLcTPt36gYBqO0/ edit.

About the Rosemead School District

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