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by Mona Raskin

January 29th 2009 was a night to remember for two exceptional people from Monterey Park.

The United Democratic Club for making major community service contributions presents the People Who Make a difference non-partisan award annually.
Honorees this year are Nancy Arcuri and T C Chung. Both
names will be embroidered on a tapestry to be on display at the
Bruggermeyer library.
Nancy Arcuri was born in Washington D.C. Her father was an
Army captain (WWII) and her mother was an army nurse. The family
settled in nearby Silver Spring, Maryland. Nancy, one of ten children
Grew up with strong family bouncy castle for sale values with a focus on justice and fair play
In 1967 she moved to San Francisco, California where she met
Frank Arcuri. Before long they moved to Los Angeles and then on to
Monterey Park.  In 1986, they started their paper, The Citizen’s voice.
However, several years later, Mr.Arcuri passed on and Nancy was
Running the newspaper herself. Over the years she has managed quite
Well. She became absorbed in her city’s concerns. She consistently
Attends the city council meetings and often voices her opinions on
Serious matters that may affect the city.
Honoree, T C Chung was born in Shanghai, China. He came to
Hawaii at age three and continued on through high school. He later
Came to the United States where he attended Pasadena City College.
He continued on to San Jose State college. He was basically a sport
Enthusiast and later was a marathon runner in the L. A.
He has also been a strong supporter in the construction of our city’s
Bruggemeyer Library.
The special award event took place at the Monterey Hill
Following dinner, the program began with host Terry De Wolfe.
He presented the speakers as they arrived. Henry Lo, represented our
State Senator Gloria Romero with a certificate of Appreciation for
Nancy Arcuri. Next speaker, Teresa Lamb Simpson spoke on behalf
Congressman Adam Schiff with another certificate of recognition for
Nancy Arcuri.  Assemblyman Mike Eng while presenting a special
Certificate of Appreciation to Nancy Arcui spoke highly about her.
Alhambra School board was next with five signatures including
Superintendent Perez on their certificate of Appreciation for Nancy.
City council of Monterey Park gave their award, with speeches by
Anthony Wong, David Lau and Sharon Martinez . Last but not least,
The United Democratic Club of Monterey Park presented Nancy
Arcuri with the People Who Make a Difference award.
In between, there was a pause in remembrance of former
Monterey Park’s resident, Verne Heitman, An award by Tilda
De Wolfe was presented to his daughter.
Featured speaker, Keris Myriick PHD spoke on her life.
MS. L. Kawaraatoni spoke about TC Chung briefly.
The evening wound up with a speech by former mayor of
Monterey Park and treasurer Louise Davis regarding Nancy
Arcuri and TC Chung.
In conclusion, a special thank you of appreciation by
Nancy Arcuri and TC Chung for their special awards!

A special note of appreciation for the efforts and participation to
Vice President Kathy Wills for the lovely centerpieces!



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