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Forward In Mission

The San Gabriel Mission was the location of a Prayer Service commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the founding of Mission San Gabriel Arcángel on September 8th, the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Mission Echoes, the Music of Colonial Los Angeles was presented by Chorus Angelorum of Southern California and The California Mission Schola directed by Steven Ottomanyi.

Director Steven Ottomanyi explained to the 500 or more guests that the  eight songs they are hearing tonight was liturgical music was from the historical Mission Period (1769-1850).

This music explores the riches of its antecedent repertoire in the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical music of Latin America.

This music filled each and every Mission in the New World.





Chief Anthony Morales and members of the. Gabrielino-Tongva Indian Tribe also known as San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians provided the first prayers of the service.

Chief Morales said they are members of the original settlers of the San Gabriel Mission. They work with the Archdiocese to honor their ancestors who are buried here. Their tribe is honoring the 250th Anniversary of the Mission as their tribe helped to build the Mission.

They chanted their prayers as the Sacred Sage was burning while they turned to face the North, the East, the South and the West.

They also sang a song to honor their Ancestors.

Father John Molyneux thanked Chief Morales and all of the tribe for helping us celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the Mission.

Mission San Gabriel Arcángel was the 4th mission established in Alta California. The mission was founded on September 8, 1771 by Fr. Junípero Serra along with Fr. Pedro Benito Cambón and Fr. Ángel Somera. Frs. Cambón and Somera became its first resident priests.

The members of the Tongva tribe also founded this Mission. Catholics and Native Americans worked together. This Mission was founded by people of Faith.

We hope for faith in the future as we will work together with God’s strength in us.

Always go forward.  God bless you!

A colorful mural was displayed on the Mission during the service.

Several members of the parish each offered prayers to God in their Native languages.

Father John Molyneux gave a reading from Mark from the Bible said who ever believes in Me will be saved.

Jose H Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles said we are here to celebrate the Blessed Virgin Mary. God gave Mary to us. Her answer to God changed the world.

He also thanked God for St. Junípero Serra and for all of the missionaries, native people and immigrants who established Mission San Gabriel Arcángel that Your Kingdom might extend to the ends of the earth.

Father Junípero Serra left Spain to settle in the New World. He came to California for the love of Jesus Christ.

We stand on these  Mission grounds. It is a new beginning for us to make it a year of love for Jesus and share His love with each other.

He asked God to bless your family in Los Angeles with mercy.

He offered prayers for this is a Jubilee Year!

He also gave a Proclamation to Father John Molyneux in honor of this special day.


Jose H Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles asked everyone please share a light from their candles. We should share the light for all of us across the world.

Father John Molyneux introduced San Gabriel Mayor Chin Ho Liao to the guests.

Mayor Chin Ho Liao wished everyone happiness and good health. We are together to spread love and only love can keep us together.

Father John Molyneux thanked the Archbishop, Cardinals, Priests, Nuns and the community for their support of the Mission. He thanked the Mission staff  and volunteers for making him look good.

Tonight, we celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the Mission. He is looking forward to the next 250 years to celebrate with all of the  parishioners including the seniors and the children.

He invited everyone to take a peek into the Mission to see how the repairs are coming along. Please call 626-457-3035 to make donations to restore the San Gabriel Mission.

There was a Fiesta Celebration in the Mission Park at the end of the event.

Jose H Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles, led the audience in the Lord’s Prayer and gave the final blessing.

Jose H Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles posed for a picture in honor of this very special anniversary.

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