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/Monterey Park’s Mayor Rotation Via Zoom


Outgoing Mayor Peter Chan said he was honored and humbled to be mayor for the third time. He used team work to keep the city running. We have to work together to move things forward.

He thanked the city staff, Department Heads and City Manager Ron Bow for their assistance. We passed a few ordinances to help the city. We have a new Recovery Plan for our city’s businesses. We are trying our best. The tax money is important. Life is more important. We are doing our best and we are all working together for our city. He thanked all of the residents for their support. He welcomed the new Mayor Yvonne Yiu and the new Mayor Pro Tem Henry Lo.

Yvonne Yiu thanked Peter Chan for his contributions to our community.

Hans Liang thanked Peter Chan for another term as mayor. Thank you for your service. He welcome Yvonne Yiu to the Mayor’s seat. We are all here to support you.

Henry Lo thanked Peter Chan for his service to the community. He is happy to work with him.

Fred Sornoso congratulated Yvonne Yiu. He thanked Peter Chan for his service. He is looking forward to working with Yvonne Yiu and Henry Lo.

Vince Chang thanked Peter Chan for his service to the community.

Peter Chan thanked them for their kind words.

City Clerk Vince Chang introduced Assembly member Ed Chau to the audience. He will administer the Oath of Office to Henry Lo.


Ed Chau wished everyone a Happy Holidays! He administered the Oath of Office to Henry Lo as Mayor Pro Tem. He works for him. He will make a difference. He thanked Yvonne Yiu, Peter Chan and the Council for their service to the community.


Mayor Pro Tem Henry Lo said he is looking forward to serving with Mayor Yvonne Yiu and all of Monterey Park. He thanked Ed Chau for his service to our community. He thanked his fellow Councilmembers for their assistance. He, Yvonne Yiu and Fred Sornoso will all work together. He thanked Hans Liang and Peter Chan for their service. He is very happy to work with Yvonne Yiu with her strong financial background to help us to recover. He thanked all of the city staff for their support of the residents. He thanked the community for their support of the Council.

We need to come together for the greater good. He wants to work together with all of the government agencies to recover.

Our city motto is “Pride in the Past and Faith in the Future”. He has faith in the future.

City Clerk Vince Chang introduced California State Treasurer Fiona Ma to the audience. She will administer the Oath of Office to Yvonne Yiu.


Fiona Ma said she is a CPA like Yvonne Yiu. They both had parents who wanted what is best for their children. She is very happy to administer the Oath of Office to Mayor Yvonne Yiu.


Mayor Yvonne Yiu thanked Fiona Ma. She thanked the residents for their trust in her to serve on the City Council. She gave a brief history on her background and showed a slide show about her family. She wants to dedicate her life to public service. She will use her 25 years of financial experience to help Monterey Park recover. Monterey Park is doing well at the Market Place. She thanked the city employees for their hard work for our city.

She also spoke about the Pension Bonds for our employees so we will not be totally relying on CalPERS for their pensions. She also spoke about the Street and Sidewalk Repair Bonds for our streets and sidewalks. It will save us from lawsuits. The streets and sidewalks should all be repaired in the next 2 to 3 years.

She thanked all of the residents, family members and friends for attending this meeting.

She is a positive person who’ s glass in always half-full. Please stay safe!

Mayor Yvonne Yiu received a Proclamation from the Montebello City Council.

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