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Monterey Park’s Newly Elected Councilmembers were sworn in on April 1st

The City Hall was closed to the public so the Council Meeting was held via teleconference. Residents could call in their Oral Communications and participate by phone or watch the meeting on the City’s television networks.

Mayor Hans Liang called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM. City Clerk Vince Chang called the Roll Call.  Peter Chan, Mitch Ing, Stephen Lam, Teresa Real Sebastian and Hans Liang were all present in their homes and were viewed on television screens as their were addressed by the mayor.


Outgoing Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing said the meeting was held to promote the social guidelines. He thanked the health care workers for being on front lines. He thanked our city staff and the residents for helping keep us safe.

He said that he has served the Monterey Park residents first as the City Treasurer and then as a Councilmember. He stated that the life of a politician is like taken a bath in the public. Everyone is watching you.

He thanked his family for their love and their support. His children grew up in the public eye. His daughter Chantal is a pharmacist and his son Derek sells real estate. He and his wife, Gloria has been married for 31 years. She is an attorney with Southern California Edison.

Gloria and he have mentored several students over the years. They have helped them see their potential. They have awarded 96 scholarships of $500 each to help the students with the cost of their education.

He thanked former Mayor Louise Davis, who is 91 years old, for being their mentor. She spoke at their wedding. They are grateful for her friendship.

He also thanked Cindy Yee for helping him defeat the Card Club a developer wanted to build in Monterey Park. They are close friends.

He always wanted the staff to have competitive bidding on any contracts.

He thanked Fred, Henry and Yvonne for running for the City Council. There are new challengers for the Council.

Monterey Park has to be concerned because of what is coming.

Mitch Ing said he is the Vice President of Citizens Business Bank in San Gabriel so he is not ready to retire. He will learn to play a guitar.

He thanked the residents for their support. The Ing family thanks all of you.


Councilmember Stephen Lam thanked all of Monterey Park residents and his colleagues. He is honored to have served the community. Monterey Park is home. He wanted to make it a better place to live and work in.

He stated that 40 years ago he and his sisters moved into the city to live with their grandmother. Monterey Park became the home that he loves. He has contributed to make Monterey Park a better place.

Stephen Lam served as a Councilmember, Mayor Pro Tem and Mayor. He also served on the BIDAC and well as other Commissions. He donated $25,000 to the American Legion Post 397 to fix their roof. He also was donated his Council salary to students for the last four years to help them with their education.

He is honored that you gave me the opportunity to serve you. He has made many friends in the city serving on the Council. He volunteers for the city. He is a problem solver. It is about serving our community and the residents.

He will continue to serve the city. It is our responsibility to serve the city. We have accomplished a lot. We have a strong economy with the Market Place.

Monterey Park is the first best city to live in California and the third best city in the USA.

We, the Council and staff worked hard to balance the budget and solve issues in the last five years. The city will raise more taxes to keep our good employees to serve us.

Stephen Lam thanked all of the Councilmembers and the staff. He thanked his friends, his wife and his children for their love and their support.

He is a public servant. He is proud of all we have accomplished. He will continue to work with the new Councilmembers and the staff. He thanked all of the residents.

He congratulated Fred, Henry and Yvonne. You will do a good on the Council with your new leadership for the next four years. Hans and Peter will continue to serve for the next two years.

He asked God to bless Monterey Park and America.


Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian thanked all of the Councilmembers and all of her Monterey Park friends. Your criticism helped me to make better decisions. She thanked the staff for supporting her. Thank you.

She thanked her husband, Armen, her mother and her sisters. She first ran for Council in 2010. It has been rewarding and challenging. Her experience has been like nothing else.

She thanked all of the staff for supporting her special programs (Snow Village and Geranium Festival) that are now part of the city’s events.

She thanked all of the residents for their support.

She reminded everyone that she worked on the South Garfield Village and the Market Place. We need an increase in our developments. We need to help develop the Garvey-Garfield area. We worked together on balancing our budget every year.

Cal Pers (our city’s retirement fund) lost money for the pensions. The city will have to make it up with our money.

Teresa Real Sebastian served on the City Council for nine years. She missed one meeting on August1st, her 20th Anniversary. She stayed true to the residents. She reminded the new Councilmembers to due your due diligence. It will be a learning curve. Read and research all of the information to help Monterey Park to be a better city.

She will remain accessible and will speak to you. She thanked all of the residents for this opportunity.

Please review the Budget Book. Our sales tax ballot did not pass. Please focus on the budget.

She congratulated Fred for his grassroots campaign. Stay true to yourself.

She congratulated Yvonne. You are the only woman on the Council.

She said she met Henry in 2011. She reminded him that the people watch the meetings.

She thanked all of the residents. You keep us on our toes and honest.

She thanked the city on Monterey Park for allowing me to serve as your Councilmember.

Mayor Hans Liang thanked Mitch Ing for his service to the residents of Monterey Park.

He thanked Stephen Lam for his generous donation to the American Legion.

He thanked Teresa Real Sebastian for the new festivals.

Our motto is “Pride in the Past”. Thank you!

Councilmember Peter Chan thanked Mitch, Teresa and Stephen for their years of service to Monterey Park. He thanked them for working together.

Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian asked if the city and the staff could help the residents with their questions on freezing their utility bills and rent control for their businesses and homes.

Mayor Hans Liang suggested the residents call the City’s Help Desk.  Those questions would have to be put on the agenda at a later date for discussion. He asked for a round of applause for the Councilmembers who served.

Hans Liang called for a motion to certify the March 3rd Election Results.

Peter Chan called for the vote and Stephen Lam seconded the motion.

Vince Chang called for a verbal vote: Peter Chan-Yes; Stephen Lam-Yes; Teresa Real Sebastian-Yes; Mitch Ing-Yes and Hans Liang-Yes.

Vince Chang thanked the Councilmembers who served.

Hans Liang asked if the new Councilmembers are going to be sworn at the same time.

Vince Chang said yes so Councilmember Yvonne Yiu for District 2; Councilmember Fred Sornoso for District 3 and Councilmember Henry Lo for District 4 were sworn into office during the April 1st Council Meeting in their own homes. He congratulated the new Councilmembers.

Hans Liang thanked all of the new members for running.


Councilmember Yvonne Yiu thanked all of the voters for her long road to victory. She thanked Mitch, Stephen and Teresa for their efforts. She has been watching the meetings. She congratulated the new Police Chief Kelly Gordon and new Fire Chief Matt Hallock. She thanked all of the medical professionals on the front lines. She will work on the health and the safety issues for all of the residents. She will also help the businesses, the youth groups and the city’s budget.

Hans Liang congratulated Yvonne Yiu.


Councilmember Fred Sornoso thanked all of the people who supported him in his grass roots campaign. He thanked his family and his neighbors. He attended local schools since 1964. He received his CPA degree in 1989. He is looking forward to working on the City Council. He will serve the people in the city. He wants to help balance the city’s budget.

He will work with the elderly, the disabled and help the veterans. He will help the students. He will help non-profits and small businesses increase their revenue.

Fred Sornoso thanked all of the residents for their support. He asked God to bless them.

Hans Liang congratulated Fred Sornoso.


Councilmember Henry Lo said he wants to serve Monterey Park. Your opinions are valuable. I will govern as I did on the Garvey School Board. He thanked the Monterey Park’s staff, the police officers and the firefighter for providing quality service in our city. He thanked the schools for closing and continuing the education on line. He thanked the community organizations like the American Legion Post 397 for providing help in this time of crisis.

He thanked all of the residents and pledged to work with our staff and our Councilmembers in the time of this crisis.  He thanked his family and his friends for supporting him.

Henry Lo moved into Monterey Park to be a homeowner. We live up to the ideals of the city that have been set by the residents. He thanked the outgoing Councilmembers for their service. He will serve all of the residents. We are committed to be stronger in this time of crisis.

Hans Liang congratulated Henry Lo.

Peter Chan congratulated Yvonne, Fred and Henry. He is looking forward to working with you. We are working for the city staff and the people. He thanked all of the candidates for running. It is a win for everyone. We continue to work for the city.

Vince Chang said Hans Liang would be mayor until May 4th based on Ordinance 11507 when we were an at-large city. During the April 15th meeting the new Councilmember will decide who will serve as Mayor Pro Tem.

City Attorney Karl Berger congratulated all of the new Councilmembers.

Hans Liang called for a motion to continue this meeting until April 15.

Henry Lo called for a vote. Fred Sornoso seconded the motion.

Vince Chang called for a verbal vote: Henry Lo-Yes; Fred Sornoso-Yes; Yvonne Yiu-Yes; Peter Chan-Yes and Hans Liang-Yes.

Hans Liang thanked the staff members for this “Zoom” meeting. We can move the city forward.

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