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By Mona Raskin

In spite of unusual cool temperatures for August, they have been rising steadily, however, at our city’s council meetings!

Recently, 19 city workers have been dismissed! Spokesperson, Sandi Lijam {on behalf of the workers} pointed out to the city council that the council members have their outside private occupations, while these city workers rely basically on these jobs for their lively hood!

While this discussion was going on, I noticed that not one council member ever offered to donate even a portion of their city salaries to assist in our city’s present woes!  They merely expressed their compassion; they did have the audacity, however, that there could be a reduction in police force salaries! If that’s their solution, we the residents of Monterey Park will have more to worry about!

Over the years, I can recall one former councilman and mayor, Francisco Alonso who generously donated his entire city salary to our city’s library! Due to his donation, the library was expanded for bouncy castle for sale all our residents to enjoy! In appreciation, the Francisco Alonso Room was established in his name!  The city could use someone of this caliber once again! Better still, perhaps, we could convince him to reconsider this important position again!

I would like to add one more Monterey Park resident, Ci Ci Lau {Councilman’s wife} she has been busy over the years donating her time and energy in bringing art culture to our community! Stage plays, in which she sometimes performs in, whether it’s acting, dancing or singing! Now, I am looking forward to her next play, “The Gingerbread Lady”  on August 21st at 2 pm or August 22nd at 1 pm. At the City Council Chamber!

While I am on the subject of entertainment, I have another must see on the summer list, a new movie.“ Rob Reiner from “all in the family sitcom fame, actor, writer, director, and producer has once again achieved an outstanding hit in the movie called Flipped.

We had the fortunate occasion to receive an invitation to view his production of Flipped”  It is a story of an American Family dealing basically in the trials and tribulations of daily life,  It affects teenagers, parents and grandparents. It has a strong thread of realism throughout and you find yourself immersed in it from start to finish!

Afterwards, we had a brief conversation with Mr. Reiner I mentioned I might write a review of his production. He gave his answer with a smile and said, “Absolutely”!  Guess, he knew he had a winner!

His movie ‘Flipped” opens to the public by August 26th!

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