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Assemblymember Ed Chau Hosts Seventh Annual “Operation Gobble” Turkey Giveaway


On November 19th San Gabriel Mayor Jason Pu welcomed the guests to the San Gabriel Mission. It is the place that people came to rest before they continued to travel up north in California.  He welcomed Assemblymember Ed Chau to the Playhouse for the annual turkey giveaway for people in need. He is a true public servant of the people. It is an honor for him to be here in San Gabriel.


Assemblymember Ed Chau welcomed the guests. He thanked the San Gabriel City Council for hosting this special event. He thanked Mayor Jason Pu and Councilmember Chin Ho Liao for attending the giveaway.

“The holiday season is a time for gratitude and sharing with others, especially the underserved,” said Assemblymember Ed Chau. “In our seventh year of ‘Operation Gobble,’ I hope we continue the conversation around food insecurity in Los Angeles County. We do our part today by supporting local organizations that are at the forefront of fighting hunger in the San Gabriel Valley.”  He thanked the donors from the San Gabriel Valley Water Company, the California American Water Company and the Golden State Water Company, for donating 300 turkeys to local non-profits.

Assemblymember Chau thanked them again for their generous donations. He said we should always be thankful for all of gifts that we receive. He spoke about the homeless people in the Los Angeles area. These local organizations help people find food as well as make sure that children do not go hungry. It is important to have events like this one and the organizations that serve over 2,000 families. They set an example to help people in need.

Operation Gobble provides turkeys to local charitable organizations and food banks that serve low-income families in the 49th Assembly District and the Greater San Gabriel Valley.


Leo Barrera from the San Gabriel Valley Water Company thanked the Assemblymember Ed Chau, San Gabriel Mayor Jason Pu and all of the organizations that help people who need our help. He thanked everyone. He thanked God.


Robert Stoerchie from the California American Water Company thanked Assemblymember Ed Chau for this Operation Gobble to help all the people in California that are in need. They work with cities that help the non-profits. He wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!


Bob Nila from the Golden State Water Company thanked the organizations for letting us help you. In the last 35 years their company has donated turkeys to people. We should appreciate all that we have.


Assemblymember Ed Chau, Mayor Jason Pu, Councilmember Chin Ho Liao, Leo Barrera, Robert Stoerchie and Bob Nila posed for a group picture with some of the donated turkeys.



Amy Ho from Home of Angeles said their organization protects the legal rights of people with special needs. She thanked Ed Chau for these wonderful turkeys.



Lilian Ray, Director of El Monte / South El Monte Emergency Services thanked the water companies for the turkeys. Holiday foods are very important for everyone. She thanked Ed Chau and everyone for this event.



Diane Williams, Food Pantry Program Manager of Our Savior Center. It is the largest food pantry in the Los Angeles area. They help over 200 households per week. The numbers of households are growing every week. This is a great blessing for our people. She thanked Ed Chau and the water companies.



Michelle Freridge, Executive Director of Asian Youth Center said the center serves over 15,000 residents a year from every walk of life. Most of their clients are Asian families who need assistance. They help low-income families. They appreciate Ed Chau and the water companies.



Mark Tavers, Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 10218 said veterans are a unique type of people. They don’t ask for assistance. Their post offers assistance to veterans for jobs, health care, housing and other benefits. The veterans will accept help as a thank you for their service. They serve all of the veterans. He thanked Ed Chau and the water companies.



Charles Karsch, Director of Technology and Advancement of the Boys and Girls Club of West San Gabriel thanked Ed Chau and the water companies. The club has served the community for 50 years. These turkeys will help our families.



Cindy Vance, President of the Kiwanis Club of Temple City said these turkeys would help to feed the homeless and needy families. She thanked Ed Chau and the water companies.



Maria Cerdas, Center Director of the Potrero Heights Community and Service Center. It is a small center located near Montebello in South San Gabriel. They serve seniors, students and everyone in their neighborhood. She thanked Ed Chau and the water companies for giving these gifts to others. We get and also we give. We are grateful. Thank you.



Jane Vasquez, Board of Director of La Casa de San Gabriel Community Center said they have been open for the last 70 years. La Casa exists to serve the multi-cultural community of San Gabriel and its surrounding areas. Its purpose is to encourage and support individuals and families in need. They feed people five days a week. Thank you for these turkeys.


Assemblymember Ed Chau, San Gabriel Mayor Jason Pu, Councilmember Chin Ho Liao joined with representatives of the water companies and the organizations for a group pictures with the turkeys.


Ed Chau, Jason Pu and Chin Ho Liao helped to load the turkeys into cars and trucks for the organizations to distribute to the grateful families.

Assemblymember Chau represents the 49th Assembly District, comprised of the communities of Alhambra, Arcadia, El Monte, Monterey Park, Rosemead, San Gabriel, San Marino, Temple City and portions of Montebello and South El Monte.

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