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Geranium Festival And Art Walk


Monterey Park residents and their friends attended the 6th Annual Festival on October 12th at Barnes Park.

The event was centered in the middle of the yard with information booths, vendors’ booths, public service booths and food booths surrounding the stage area designated by bales of hay.





Several “Day of the Dead” statues were placed near the stage area to remind people that they could visit the many altars dedicated to their family members, friends and beloved pets.


Memo Chavez was the Master of Ceremony. He welcomed the residents and their guests to the 6th Annual Geranium Festival and Art Walk. The event featured games for children of all ages. Please walk around, visit all of the booths and enjoy this event.


Senior Librarian Deborah Niblick and a young volunteer from the Junior Friends of the Library staffed the Library table. They helped the young children color in masks for Halloween and the “Day of the Dead”. They also provide information on the many library services.


Members of the Mark Keppel High School Science Club helped the guests create a modern day “lava lamp”.


Children of all ages enjoyed train ride on the Royal Express around Barnes Park.


Members from Transtech helped children create a catapult from wooden sticks and bands to shoot off little balls.


Several brave people climbed the Rock Wall as the excited crowd watched.


K-9 Officer Gabriel Gonalo and his new partner Cookiz were ready to give a K-9 demonstration for the public. They were in the fenced tennis courts to keep everyone safe.


Firefighters met with the public and handed out red helmets to children of all ages. They also provided safety information.


Members of CERT provided residents with safety tips in case of a natural disaster.


Police officers passed out badges and a chance to sit on an official motorcycle.




Children participated in Musical Chairs, the Hula Hoop Contest and the Potato Sack Races.  The crowd cheered them on.


Employees from Home Depot helped the guests plant a mini garden.


Guests had a chance to pose for pictures as farm animals in art provided by students from East Los Angeles College.



Jessica Ramos and Terri Valenzuela built an altar in memory of their family members.  Jessica painter her face and dressed up for the  “Day of the Dead.”


Firefighters taught people how to use a fire extinguisher.


Steve Gregg, Daniel Castellano and Ricky Yang were Judges for the Costume Contest and the Altar Contest.


Terri Valenzuela, Jessica Ramos, Maya Yasmeen Valenzuela, Tina Thiessen and Daniel Ybarra all were dressed up for the occasion. The judges voted Jessica Ramos, Maya Yasmeen Valenzuela and Daniel Ybarra as the winners.


Wendy Hernandez, Christina Garcia, Susan Aguilar and Terri Valenzuela all entered their family altars into the contest. The altars were decorated with Marigolds, family pictures, favorite foods, favorite beverages and other items enjoyed by their family members in life. One altar was dedicated to beloved pets who are also family members. The judges voted for the altars created by Christina Garcia, Wendy Hernandez and Terri Valenzuela as the winners.


Daniel Castellano, Jestin Jimenez and Ricky Yang were the Judges for the Pet Costume Contest.




Einstein with Jeanie Kim, Sparkles with Carrie Nyl, Buddy with Linda Chong and Leaping Lele with Tina Thiessen were dressed for the event. The judges voted for Lele, Buddy and Einstein as the winners.




Children entered the eating contests that included moving Gummy Worms off a plate filled with whipped cream without using their hands, eating a Red Vine off of a plate without using their hands and eating four crackers and trying to whistle.

Over 2,500 Monterey Park residents and their friends enjoyed this event by the end of the day. Students from Mark Keppel and Gaberlino High Schools volunteered their services to help make this event successful.

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