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Rosemead Parade


Councilmember Margaret Clark and her grandchildren welcomed members of the Western Educators Shooters and Troopers Historical Group on July 3 as they waited for the beginning of Rosemead’s Annual 4th of July Parade.

Local residents, business owners and elected official marched down Valley Blvd. to Rosemead Park for the celebration.

Mayor Gary Taylor and his wife waved to the crowd from their car.  Two pickup trucks followed them that carried many of their family members.

Mayor Pro Tem Steven Ly waved to all the parade watchers from his car.

Councilmember Sandra Armenta and her family wished everyone a Happy 4th of July as they drove by.

Councilmember Margaret Clark and her grandchildren waved flags as they joined in the fun.

Councilmember Polly Low waved to all as she rode down the street.

Congressmember Judy Chu and Assemblymember Mike Eng each waved to the crowd as they rode down the way in their cars.


Members of the Los Angeles Sheriff Department Volunteers rode their horses down the street. They proudly carried our flag.

Several members of the Sheriff Department and the California Highway Patrol joined in the parade.

A team of beautiful horses pulled the Wells Fargo Stagecoach.  The old west met with the east on this day.


Lion Dancers, with members of the Vietnamese community, pranced down the road adding their culture to our melting pot.


Jane Tam, the July 4th Queen waved to the crowd as she passed by.


Antique cars and motorcycles were included in this hometown parade.


Zippo, the Clown Princess, also known as Crystal Buck entertained the crowd as she walked down the road.  She proudly upholds her family tradition started by her grandfather, Zippo the Clown.


Elvis entertained the crowd with his favorite songs.


Smokey the Bear greeted the children of all ages.

McGruff waved from a Smart car.


Ronald McDonald greeted his Rosemead friends.  He is very popular with the crowds.

Several other restaurant mascots also appeared in the parade.


The Shiners are always a parade favorite as they zipped around on their little red cars.


The music of Scottish bagpipes added another culture to the parade.

Giant balloons of the Toy Story Cowboy, Mr. Potato Head and a dinosaur added to the excitement of the day.

Members of the Garvey and Rosemead School Districts joined in the fun.

Members of the Planning and Traffic Commissions waved to the residents as they drove by.

Members of the West San Gabriel Boys & Girls Club marched down the way.

Members of the Taiwan Government waved the American and Taiwan flags to all.

World War II veteran Albert Robles rode by in a Model A Ford.

Members of the Western Educators Shooters and Troopers Historical Group dressed in western wear shot off their guns as they walked down the road.

The parade included several local bands, hot rod go-carts, antique and classic cars, members of local youth groups, several service clubs and members of the U S Army Reserve Volunteers.

Members of the Los Angeles County Fire Department ended the parade riding on their red trucks.

The parade was full of American spirit as the crowds clapped and cheered for all the participants.

A carnival was held at Rosemead Park to the joy and delight of all.

The celebration ended with a spectacular fireworks display that exploded in beautiful colors in the night sky.

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