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NO RECALL on Peter Chan and Hans Liang

NO RECALL on Peter Chan and Hans Liang

By Nancy C Arcuri, Editor and Publisher


Councilmember Peter Chan and Mayor Hans Liang held a Press Conference on September 13th at the Capital Seafood Restaurant to inform the Chinese Media about the various lies and rumors being spread by supporters of Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing and Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian.


These are the lies that the Recall Supporters are spreading about Peter Chan and Hans Liang. In fact the Ing and Real Sebastian supporters are demanding that people sign their petition. Some residents feel threatened if they do not sign it.

Mitch Ing and Teresa Real Sebastian should be termed out in 2020 based on the 2013 Measure EE approved by the voters. It stated should City Councilmembers, City Clerk and City Treasurer should only serve two consecutive terms.

Because Mitch Ing and Teresa Real Sebastian were sitting Councilmembers in 2013 they grandfathered themselves in. They are claiming that they only served one term since 2015.

Some voters stated that they voted for two consecutive terms based on the ballot measure. They did not realize that Mitch Ing and Teresa Real Sebastian would be exempt from this law at the time of the election.


Peter Chan and Hans Liang were joined by Lani Liang, Former Mayor Anthony Wong, former Mayor David Lau, Commissioners: Delario Robinson, Theresa Amador, Phillip Smith and Paul Perez, President of the Democratic Club Jeff Schwartz and his wife Rosemary Riedy and Howard Luong.

They advised the media that Peter Chan and Hans Liang were good hard working people who always support Monterey Park.

Do not believe the lies and rumors told about them by the Ing and Real Sebastian supporters.

Do not just sign their petitions just to sign it.

If you signed their petitions in error you can go to the City Clerk’s office and sign a form to have your name removed from their petitions.

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