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A New Mayor In Town

A New Mayor In Town


Monterey Park Mayor Peter Chan gave his farewell speech at the July 3rd City Council Meeting. He is so proud and humbled to be the mayor. It is a privilege to serve our residents. He did his best for the city of Monterey Park. He welcomed new residents and businesses to Monterey Park. He thanked all of the residents for their ideas and suggestions. We will have a new hotel by the end of the year. The sales tax will help the city. In 2013 when he was elected into office our Budget was $40 Million. In 2019 our Budget is $45 million.

Now our Firefighters and Police Officers have agreed to four-year contracts. We can spread out the costs over four years. He thanked them.

He thanked the Committee members for working on our 2040 Plan for their input on planning our city.

He spoke about the transportation issues on Atlantic from Newmark to Hellman. The signals have been adjusted to make the traffic move quicker.

He mentioned that CAL TRANS have promised us $60 million in Measure R funds to construct three parking structures and $30 million for road repairs near the 710 Freeway since the freeway will not be extended in the future.

He treasures every moment being a Councilmember and Mayor of our city. He will still do his job until his last day in office. He is dedicated to the city and the residents. He votes with caution and studies all of the issues. He will continue to respect all of the people.

He thanked the other Councilmembers, City Attorney, City Manager and all of the City staff for their kindness and support.

He thanked his wife, Jenny and their sons, Brian and Kevin for their love and support.

Peter Chan’s last action, as mayor was to call the July 22nd City Council Meeting to order. He welcomed everyone to Monterey Park for this special meeting. He thanked all of the residents for supporting him as mayor for the last nine and one-half months.


Members of the Monterey Park Police and Fire Explorers presented the American and State flags and posted the colors. Mayor Peter Chan led the Pledge of Allegiance.

City Clerk Vince Chang called the roll call.  Stephen Lam, Teresa Real Sebastian, Mitchell Ing, Hans Liang and Peter Chan were all present.

Mayor Chan called for a motion to reconfirm the resolutions designating Hans Liang as Mayor and Mitchell Ing as Mayor Pro Tem.

All five of the Councilmembers voted yes on the rotation of the Council.


Henry Lo, President of the Garvey School Board was the Master of Ceremonies. He introduced Mitchell Ing and former Mayor Betty Tom Chu to the audience.


Betty Tom Chu said she was very happy to be here to administer the Oath of Office to her longtime friend Mitchell Ing.  He has served the city for the last 18 years as City Treasurer and now as a Councilmember. She also recognized his wife, Gloria Ing, a lawyer with Southern California Edison, their daughter Chantal and their son Derek. She saw them as young schoolchildren who are now young adults. She said Mitchell and Gloria Ing have spent many years helping to tutor school children and giving scholarships to them.


Mayor Pro Tem Mitchell Ing thanked Betty Tom Chu. He proudly introduced his family. He and Gloria have been married for 30 years. Their daughter Chantal is now a Pharmacist, who translates for her patients from Spanish into English. Their son Derek is a successful Real Estate Agent making more money a month then he does as a banker.

Mayor Pro Tem Ing thanked the residents of Monterey Park for this honor. He will always be available to serve them. He thanked his wife, Gloria and their children Chantal and Derek for their love and support.

Henry Lo introduced Hans Liang and Congressmember Judy Chu to the audience.



Judy Chu said she is happy to be here to administer the Oath of Office to Hans Liang. She met Hans Liang 15 years ago at an event. She said he is going somewhere. He is a Probation Officer and President of LA County Deputy Probation Officers Union, AFSCME Local 685. He is involved in the community. He is well educated and an asset to Monterey Park. Now our Market Place is successful and we need the sales tax for our city. We are lucky to have him here.


Melinda Liang proudly presented the Mayor’s badge to her son, Hans Liang.


Lani Liang proudly presented the Mayor’s gavel to her husband, Hans Liang.

James Liang proudly presented the Mayor’s business cards to his brother, Hans Liang.


Mayor Hans Liang was joined with Melinda Liang, Lani Liang, James Liang, Lani’s parents Mr. and Mrs. James Yu for a family picture to celebrate this very special event.


Mayor Liang thanked Peter Chan for his service as mayor. He thanked his wife, Lani for her love and understanding for his passion to serve. He recalled that last time he become mayor his father, Frank was in attendance.  Tonight he is now looking down from heaven at his family. He thanked his mother and his dad. You are the best parents anyone can have. He thanked his brother James for his support. Today 88 people are serving as mayors in Los Angles County.

He thanked Judy Chu, Mike Eng, Ralph Miller and all of the former mayors. He also thanked Howard Lee, a long time friend and mentor who just died. He misses their spirited discussions.

Mayor Liang laid out his plans for the next nine and one-half months. He wants to make the city a healthier place where the employees can voice their concerns without repercussions. The wellbeing of the staff is for the wellbeing of our residents. He wants to setup a pilot program for mobile dog park. It should be rotated every weekend in one of our 13 parks. Maybe they can pick a permit dog park.

He is suggesting a ballot measure to ask the residents if they want to spend money to fight the airplane noises. All of the residents must decide on this issue. He also suggested another ballot measure to see if the residents want to pay higher taxes for street repairs or we can see if we can get other funding for street repairs. He also suggested another ballot measure that would allow the city to raise our sales tax to the 10.25% maximum before the country takes our sales tax if the voters approve this measure.  We must ask the questions from the residents. They should vote on how to spend our money. The Council serves all of the 62,000 residents.

He thanked all of the volunteers in the city. We have a good relationship with our fire department, police department, city manager, department heads and staff. We all have our relationships with our friends and family in Monterey Park. He thanked all of our Monterey Park family. He is humble and grateful to serve you as mayor. Thank you!

City Clerk Chang introduced the many special guests that include Congressmember and former Mayor Judy Chu, former Mayor Mike Eng, former Mayor Lily Chen, former Mayor Frank Venti, former Mayor Betty Tom Chu, former Mayor Anthony Wong, former Mayor David Lau, former City Clerk Theresa Amador, former City Clerk David Barron, former Alhambra Mayor Stephen Sham, former Alhambra School Boardmember Dr. Sophie Wong, Daisy Ma assistant to Assemblymember Ed Chau, Senator Young Kim, Rosemead Mayor Pro Tem Sandra Armenta,  Rosemead Councilmember Steven Ly, San Gabriel Mayor Jason Pu, San Gabriel Vice Mayor Denise Menchaca and San Gabriel Councilmember Chin Ho Liao.


Congressmember Judy Chu presented a proclamation to Mayor Hans Liang in honor of this special event.


Sandra Armenta presented proclamations from Senator Susan Rubio to Hans Liang and Mitch Ing in honor of this special event.


Abigail Marquez presented a proclamation from Assemblymember Ed Chau to Mayor Hans Liang in honor of this special event.


Hoang Nguyen, a representative from Supervisor Hilda Solis’ office presented a proclamation to Mayor Hans Liang in honor of this special event.


Rosemead Mayor Pro Tem Sandra Armenta and Councilmember Steven Ly presented proclamations to Hans Liang and Mitch Ing in honor of this special event.


San Gabriel Mayor Jason Pu, Vice Mayor Denise Menchaca and Councilmember Chin Ho Liao presented proclamations to Hans Liang and Peter Chan in honor of this special event. They praised the Monterey Park City Council and said that they follow their examples when serving their hometown.

Mayor Liang adjourned the meeting and invited everyone to the reception at the Lincoln Plaza Hotel.



The reception was held on the roof patio with views of the city’s lights. A delicious meal was served buffet style. The residents enjoyed the fire pit and conversations with old and new friends.


Katherine Torres and Victoria Chavez of the Woman’s Club joined the party.


Longtime friends Al Mansen, Sandy Mansen and Robert Mansen joined Mayor Hans Liang and Lani Liang at the party.

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