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Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day


Jessica Peak and members of East Los Angeles College Veterans Service Center joined together on May 18th in Monterey Park. She welcomed everyone to this special event to honor all of veterans.


The audience stood to salute our flag.


Elliott McKenzie, a very talented veteran sang our National Anthem. He is a singer, songwriter and actor. He can be reached at WWW.ELLIOTTMCKENIE.COM or 562-506-5707.

Ms. Peak introduced Mayor Peter Chan, Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian and City Manager Ron Bow, an Air Force veteran to the guests. She thanked Monterey Park for celebrating Armed Forces Day.




Antonio Chapa, Veteran Liaison from Supervisor Hilda Solis’ office thanked the city and the East Los Angeles Veterans Center for celebrating Armed Forces Day. This day is seen as a kindness to the military moral. He presented a proclamation to Mayor Peter Chan, Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian and City Manager Ron Bow. He presented a proclamation to Jessica Peak and the veterans from the East Los Angeles College Veterans Service Center.

Ms. Peak thanked Tony Chapa and introduced all of the volunteers that are making this event special. She also thanked and honored all of the military members.


Michael Garcia, a veteran said the ELAC Center helps veterans with their education and helps them get back into their civilian life. He said in 1949 the U S government created Armed Forces Day to honor all of the five branches of our military services. They are the men and women who fight for our freedoms.

Ms. Peak said they are now aware of all of the veterans who live in Monterey Park. Have a good day and honor our service members.


Teresa Real Sebastian, Armen Sebastian and Ron Bow enjoyed the event held in front of the Barnes Park Gym.


Peter Chan, Ron Bow and Teresa Real Sebastian shared the proclamation with the residents.


Peter Chan joined in celebration with Dr. Albert Young, Yvonne Yiu and Mary Ann Barlow.


Robert Aguirre, Teresa Real Sebastian and Armen Sebastian enjoyed the sunny day.


Rudy Zamorano danced to beat on the stage to the delight of all of those attending this special event.




They provided an obstacle course for children of all ages to enjoy. Each participant won a gold medal upon completion.  The veterans also serviced grilled hot dogs, chips and more.

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