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The Day of the Dead


A hand painted backdrop on the stage setup outside the San Gabriel Mission Play House on November 1st honoring “The Day of the Dead”, a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico, in particular the Central and South regions, and by people of Mexican heritage elsewhere.




Three altars decorated with lights, marigolds, various foods and beverages, pictures and names of loved ones to be honored. Residents and their guests could attach their loved ones names to the altar skirts. The altars were on display inside the entrance of the Play House.

Marigold flowers are used because it is believed that the scent of the flowers help guide the spirits from the cemetery to the altars. The yellow and orange marigolds symbolize the sun and light.

The altars were designed and constructed by Casita del Pueblo in Whittier.

Their store is devoted to Latino culture, with folk art, clothing, jewelry & home goods. They are located at 13100 Philadelphia St. in Whittier and their phone number is (562) 693-2844.

The event offered delicious Mexican foods, beverages, Italian Ice, bakery goods, face painting, flowers, clothing, gifts and more for purchase.


A wall of roses was just one of the many booths on display in the Mission District.







Members of the Ayala family performed the traditional Aztec dances and blessing at the beginning of the event. They also invited the residents to join them in a Friendship Dance.


Tesabella Miranontes, 11 years old, was dressed in a marigold flower dress and had pictures of their loved ones pined to her dress. She was a walking family altar. Her mother created her beautiful dress and hat.


Yolanda Garcia welcomed everyone to this special event to celebrate the Day of the Dead in San Gabriel. She thanked the City Council and Recreation Department for allowing them to honor this special event in their city.

She suggested the people add their loved ones names and attach them to the altar skirts so they become part of this community altar.

The altars are built to honor all of those who have passed away. Some people add special items to their altars that their family members enjoyed in their lives. Latinos believe that their family members are always with them.



Ms. Garcia invited people to showoff their special dresses to the audience.  Tesabella and Sebrinna proudly displayed their outfits. Tesabella said this holiday is to celebrate people who have passed away. Sebrinna said today is to celebrate our loved ones. Both young ladies received a prize for their participation.










Mexican Folk Dances were performed to the delight of the audience that filled up the area in front of the stage.



Members of the Yankee Azteca Band joined the party.  They have been playing together for the last 15 years. They played Mexican Rock and Roll much to the delight of the audience, who danced to the beat.

The Day of the Dead celebration was a wonderful family event held in the City of San Gabriel.

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