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Dedication of the Judge Wilson Jail House

House2 The Hayes House was built in 1887 for Reverend George Finley Bovard who later became the fourth president of the University of Southern California. Milton Scott Wilson purchased the house in 1893. He served as Justice of the Peace for the San Gabriel Township and many weddings took place in his parlor. In 1904, his daughter, Mary Leticia, married Edwin Hayes who helped organize the first San Gabriel City Council and the San Gabriel Union Church.

Their daughter, Mary Ruth Hayes (1907-1990), was born in the house and lived there all her life. She was a teacher and administrator in the school district for more than forty years. She willed the home and its contents to the San Gabriel Historical Association. The home reflects the lives of one family in San Gabriel for nearly 100 years.


The small stone milk house was used as a jail on weekends to hold revelers from local saloons until they could be taken to the Los Angeles County Jail on Monday morning. It was later moved to the Wilson-Hayes property.

Joey Claro, a member of the Ramona Parlor #109, welcomed everyone to this special event held at the Hayes House on September 22nd in San Gabriel. He thanked members of the Native Sons of the Golden West, residents and their guests to this dedication ceremony.

He thanked Teresa Diaz for her assistance on this project. He also thanked Rebehak and Lily, Key Club Members from Mission High School for their support.

He spoke about their club working to repair the roof on the jail and grooming the grounds.

The Dedication Team from the Native Sons of the Golden West: Junior Past President Erik Christeson, Grand President Garey D. Pearce, Grand 1st Vice President James King, Grand 2nd Vice President Joe Castillo and Past Grand President Dave Allen stood on the stage before the ceremony. A newly installed trellis for the grapes was located in the background.

Camille Lopez, led our Flag Salute.

Pam Petievich, President of the Historical Society, welcomed everyone to this event. She introduced her Boardmembers to the audience. She thanked everyone for attending.

Helen Sanchez, a docent of the house spoke about the history of the house owned by Judge Wilson. He lived there with his wife and the younger two of their six children.

San Gabriel was a wild city with 13 saloons when Judge Wilson and his family moved in the city.

He purchased many properties on Pine Street and one house had an old milk house, which he moved on this property. The building is only 10 feet by 12 feet.  He first used it a holding jail for persons detained on the weekend to be moved into Los Angeles court on Monday morning.  It was later used for storage. His granddaughter, Mary Ruth Hayes, used it for her playhouse.

Her father, Edwin Hayes, retired from Southern Pacific Rail Road, later used it for his den where he wrote many stories. Unfortunately he was never published.

The association had to repair the roof and the termite damage to the building. It is now in good repair.

The Dedication Team offered prayers to ask God to help them make the building secure. They also asked for God to provide us all with friendship and independence with peace and prosperity, equality and liberty for all.

They stated that the sand and water used to make the cement is from all over the state of California. It is to bind these elements together. It is to remind us that we created this great state and to preserve our country.  Man needs to remember the traditions of the past. We must learn from the past and we will pass on our past to the future.

The plaque dedication this building as the Judge Wilson Jail House.

May California be the home of all who live in California! They asked God to help us preserve our future from our past.

Rosemarie Lippman, President of the Ramona Parlor #109, thanked everyone for attending this dedication.

Kathleen Rabago, Paul Krisler, Lisa Gass and Bob Smith, re-enactors dressed for the event.  For more information about these re-enactors please call 323-721-3479.

To visit the Hayes House please call for an appointment or visit this house on the hours they are opened.
San Gabriel Historical Association
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To learn more about the Native Sons of the Golden West and / or visit the Ramona Museum located at 339 S. Mission Dr. in San Gabriel or phone them at 626-289-0034 for their hours they are opened.

​ ​339 South Mission Drive San Gabriel, CA  91776
Open Every Saturday from 12-3pm (excluding holiday weekends)
​339 South Mission Drive San Gabriel, CA  91776


Open Every Saturday from 12-3pm (excluding holiday South Mission Drive San Gabriel, CA  91776
Open Every Saturday from 12-3pm (excluding holiday weekends)
​339 South Mission Drive San Gabriel, CA  91776
Open Every Saturday from 12-3pm (excluding holiday weekends)
Ramona Museum of California History

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